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Q:  How many seed packets can I take?

A:  You can take up to 12 seed packets per growing season.

Q:  Can I take more than one of a particular type of seed?

A:  You can take as many of a particular type of seed as you want, as long as you stay within the 12 packets per growing season.

Q:  How do I check out the packets I take?

A:  You don't need to check them out, just write on our form at the seed library how many and what types you take.

Q:  How many seeds are in each package?

A:  There are roughly five seeds in each packet. Since not every seed will germinate, we hope that you'll get at least one healthy, growing plant out of each one!

Q:  Am I required to save seeds from the plants I grow and bring them in later?

A:  No, we do not expect or require patrons to save seeds from the plants they grow off of the seed library.

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Q:  Where did the idea for the seed library come from?

A:  Librarians were speaking with a patron one day. The patron lamented that they loved experimenting with new plants in their garden but they hated having so many extra seeds go to waste from buying a whole seed packet. So, the rest, as they say, is history.

Q:  Where do the seeds for the seed library come from?

A:  Most of our seeds come from seed grants generously provided to us by companies. Such as Burpee, High Mowing Seed Exchange, Sow Right Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, and more. Seeds have also been provided through generous local donations including from our local Home Depot store.

Q:  How is the seed library supported?

A:  For the little cost involved in running the seed library, the generous contribution of the Sweetwater County Library Foundation provides sufficient funds. Donations of time and materials have also been made by local Girl Scout troops and the Women's Club of Sweetwater County.

Q:  Where did those awesome shelves the seeds are displayed on come from?

A:  The materials for the shelves were provided by Weston Jones DMD of Children's Dental Center of Rock Springs, and Shaziya Haques DDS MS of Wyoming Implants and Surgical Arts. Construction was carried out by generous volunteers.


Q:  What USDA growing zone is Sweetwater County in?

A:  Sweetwater County cities all fall in slightly different growing zones. Check out our planting guide for more information about your community's growing zone.

Q:  Where can I get compost to amend my soil or add volume to fill a new raised bed?

A:  Most home improvement stores sell compost, but the city landfill also allows residents to take a few pick-up truck fulls of compost for free every year. Inquire at the dump for more information. 

Q:  When should I plant my seeds from the seed library?

A:  That depends on what they are! Some things will need to be started indoors and then transplanted outside, while others can be sown directly in the ground. Click here to read the helpful information on our planting guide, or check out the resources page to access recommendations from the UW Extension office and Master Gardeners.

Q:  Is there anything I am not allowed to grow here?

A:  Yes! Both the state of Wyoming and Sweetwater County have lists of plants that have been legally declared weeds and cannot be grown here. Click here to read the declared weeds list.

Q:  Where can I find more information about gardening that is specific to Wyoming?

A:  Click here to check out our resources page, where you can find links to resources from the Sweetwater County Master Gardeners and the University of Wyoming Extension Office about gardening in the state of Wyoming.

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