Ghost Log Entries

More entries can be found by visiting the Sweetwater County Library and viewing the Ghost Log.

The Ghost Log

The Ghost Log is a 3-ring binder, where we keep an on going log, of any reported happenings (of the unexplained kind). Newspaper articles, books and photos are included in this attempt to give a better view of all that we do know about the Haunted Library.


Many of the staff members do believe that there are spirits in residence at the library, but there are also several that do not. It seems that those that have had “things” happen to them directly or those that have seen something “unnerving “are generally the believers. Like so many other people in the world, it seems that “Seeing is believing”.


During the summer the answering machine turned on and off several times.


Also in August, not sure which day, I heard Morse code back by isle 1 & 2.

9/17/1993: J. F. (Staff)

I heard my name being whispered in the production room.

9/24/1993: Micki (Staff)

Typewriter at the Circulation desk kept flipping to different functions. When I was typing it would turn off and on. They don’t want me typing!

No Date: J. K. (Staff)

I have heard my name whispered before on occasion-I also heard the bathroom door open and shut in the staff lounge and no one was there except me.

No Date: D. L. (Staff)

Vicki and I were talking in the workroom one morning and something flipped the switch out at the circ desk and made the speakers in the workroom make a noise. I went out to circ and the switch was turned on. I knew it was turned off prior because I was cleaning around it.

2/2/1993: C. F. (Staff)

Gate at the doors swung open. No one was there.

2/4/1993 Micki (Staff) 6pm

Old stereo equipment turned on. No volume, just the power and lights on panel came on.

2/9/1993 J. H.(Staff) 6:45am

The gate alarm went off while J was vacuuming. She turned it off and it went back on again.

2/11/1993 J. H.(Staff) 8:10am

Whistling in multipurpose room before opening.

2/12/1993 L.S. (Staff) 8:30 pm

Heard a dog barking while upstairs when all enclosed, even with the door shut.

2/17/1993 D.L. (Staff)

Don Heard noises like some one was wrestling around about 6 am.

3/03/1993 Micki (Staff)

I heard my name whispered several times, but no one was asking for me. When I told MD (Staff) about it, she said she had heard her name whispered many times in the last two days and no one was there.

4/2/1993 Micki (Staff)

I heard paper being crumpled in stall of the Ladies Room. When it was opened no one was there.

4/09/1993 All Staff 9:30am

Answering machine was turned off. We went upstairs to have cake for KM and phone rang it was back on.

9/8/1993 K.M. (Staff) Evening Shift

Turned off back hall light-shut door-turned off workroom lights-hall lights were back on.

9/17/1993 J.M. (Staff)

Judy heard her name whispered while sitting at circ desk.

12/15/1993 J.H. & D.L. (Staff)

Cover to Bookmobile printer was found on the floor broken. Joyce & Don investigated lids being broken, they heard loud noise in front and came running to see what it was. There was nothing.


2/14/1994 J.M. (Staff)

The printer on the public computer went off and on. Computer by Judy’s desk went on and off. Judy heard her name called. Front Circ computer screen went “black”.

2/25/1994 Micki (Staff)

The printer by Judy’s desk turned off.

9/1994 J.H.(Staff)

Joyce has been hearing keys rattle and doors shutting. She saw movement from her side. She has heard them a lot lately.

11/10/1994 J.M. (Staff)

Judy reported answering machine messing up on Thursday.

11/12/1994 J.M. (Staff)

Judy found laminator on when we opened. It could not have been on very long. Thank goodness. Also computer in backroom by Judy’s desk kept messing up.


No entries made to the Ghost Log for 1995. This does not mean there was no activity; this only means no one took the time to document events.


5/3/1996 J.H. (Staff)

Voices were heard all morning.

8/8/1996 S. (Temporary Staff)

One of my friends came here to see me and later on he went to the bathroom. When he went in the said he heard a child calling for their mommy faintly. He came out and there were no children in sight.

10/10/1996 K. M. & Micki (Staff)

Karen & I were at the Circ Desk and we both heard “someone” whisper “Micki” from the other side of the Circ counter out front. No one was there.

10/9/1996 S.C. (Staff) 4;30pm

I was talking to Mary T. at the White Mountain Library and I distinctly heard a whispering voice say “s..t..o..r..y” over our conversation.

(For 2 days we had the sharing ghost stories & Monroe 6th grades-our “residents wanted more”.

12/9/1996 Micki (Staff)

At 9am closing we heard a loud thud. Judy and I walk over the Young Adults were it was. There was a small book on the floor. I walked around the stack to the SciFi section to see if there was someone we missed and the thud was heard again. We left.


10/6/1997 Micki (Staff)

I was on the phone by Judy’s desk. Started to choke from the smell of strong woman’s perfume. Then it was gone.


No entries made to the Ghost Log for 1998. This does not mean there was no activity; this only means no one took the time to document events.


2/25/1999 J.H. (Staff)

About 6:50am Joyce was standing by front desk computers and the security gate alarm went off.

2/4/1999 All Staff

Answering machine kept going off by itself.

9/17/1999 J.H. (Staff)

Joyce was shampooing carpets. She felt like someone was watching her.

9/24/1999 J.W. (Staff)

The “strange smell” was back. Jo smelt it out in the stacks.

10/16/1999 Patron & staff

A patron had gone through the security gates and set off the alarm. After resetting it, the alarm went off continually for about 5 minutes. We had a time getting it to shut off.


3/2/2000 Unidentified Staff

This person was here early. She smelled breakfast food & heard voices from the Bookmobile room. When she went back to see who was here, no one was there. The Bookmobile people did not come in for 1 hour after.

3/20/2000 S.C., R.D., M.M., K.S. (Staff)

The strong “fish smell” was going on most of the evening. There has been a lot of snow today. It is suspected that is related somehow. Snow melts and water gets into pockets of “whatever” and the smell is around.

5/17/2000 Micki (Staff)

I was in the ladies room and heard the stall next to me close. When I came out there was no one in the room but me. I had not passed anyone going in either.

8/11/2000 JM (Staff)

I heard my name called several times while out shelving. When she came up no one had called for her.

8/14/2000 Micki (Staff)

I was working out in the stacks shelving and I heard Ruth’s voice call my name. I came to the front desk and she said she had not called.

8/17/2000 C.H. (Staff)

I was in the ladies room when I heard what sounded like someone tapping their shoe. I knew there was no one else in there, so I tapped mine 3 times. There was maybe a 15 second pause and I heard 3 taps in response. I tried again, but nothing happened.

9/22/2000 Staff

Security gate went off, no one was around.

9/28/2000 Micki (Staff)

While in the ladies room, first stall, I heard a tapping from the sink area. When I came out there was no one to be seen.

9/29/2000 Micki (Staff)

I was working in the bookmobile room at my desk around 10:30am, across the room I heard noises from up by the ceiling (a vent was there). I looked around and it stopped. I assumed it was coming from the vent. About 45 minutes later I heard the same noise, but it sounded like it was coming from the floor area. I looked and saw nothing. I was getting nervous, so I went out from and found busy work for a while. Later around 11:30am when I went back I heard noises in the garage just out the door and into the back of the garage. I looked and there was nothing.

10/4/2000 All

Alarm gates went off again, no one was around.

10/16/2000 Micki (Staff)

I heard a slight noise while in stall #1. Then the toilet paper “dropped” into place in the holder in stall #2.

10/28/2000 All

Alarm gate went off 2 times before 10-am. No one was around.

11/9/2000 All

Front gates went off 7 times in a row.

11/16/2000 All

Front gate went off again.

11/18/2000 Micki (Staff)

As I came in, 9:45am, the security gates were sounding off. I came in and cleared the gate with the clicker. The gate went off again. I turned around and said “oh just stop it!” and it did not go off again.

11/2000 Staff

In November on a Saturday several employees came in to work, about 10 am. The security gate was sounding off. Once they came in the security gates began flipping open & closed. Also the front doors opened as it “someone” had pushed the handicapped buttons. At the end of the day (5pm) they were walking out back hall and heard the gates sound off again. They left.


1/03/2001 to 1/06/1001

Several times the “smell” that the ghosts leave, was smelt in the back by the Moose Room, the Circ Desk and the Multi-Purpose room. No reason for the smell was found.

1/27/2001 H.H. (Staff)

Cash register stated making noises as if someone was ringing up a sale.

2/20/2001 MM (Staff)

Cash register started clicking. No one touch it.

Several times the security gate has gone off by itself, when no one was even close.

The Children’s Department Librarians computer will drop programs and not work correctly with no explanation. A new computer was installed and the problems persisted.

Occasionally a very bad smell will be found and we can not find the source.



A husband and wife came in to use the computers. The wife went to the restroom (lady’s room). While in there she heard a “mournful cry” by a woman. She felt sorry for the woman, but did not want to intrude. After a time the crying stopped. No one came out. She checked under the stall doors and saw no one was there. The crying stated again so she left the restroom. She told no one for a time and later when she did, said she would ask a woman staff member to accompany her on her next trip into the ladies restroom.

9/2002 Micki (Staff)

Stated into the ladies room and I heard a sound like the toilet lid dropping. I figured someone else was in the room. I went about my business and it happened again while I was in the first stall. It sounded like it came from the second or third stall from me. I went to leave I noticed no one came out. I looked under stalls, there was no one there. I heard it one more time so I left.

Heard crying from a stall in the ladies room, but no one was there.

10/22/2002 A. F. (Patron)

Two weeks ago as I was checking out and ready to leave, the gate swung open ahead of me and the alarm went off. The librarians and I checked everything and it wasn’t me or my books. I went on my way. As I have been driving around town after dark, every street light I’d go under shuts off! Is the ghost in the car with me? I hope that it has enjoyed it’s time away and is happy to be home! We will see!

11/07/2002 C.H.(Staff)

I was alone downstairs reading the paper when I heard someone coming from the moose room toward the Circ desk. It sounded like swishing skirts and got louder the closer it came. Then the swishing stopped and the gate went off.

11/2002 Staff

A staff member was in the building alone and heard the sound of the cutting boards being used. They know there was no one else was in the building, but the sounds continued for a half and hour. The unnerved the staff member so they left the building. ( They later said they actually saw the cutting arm on the cutting board moving).

11/20/2002 Micki (Staff) 11 am.

Heard whispering voices in the ladies room.

11/27/2002 S.G. (Staff)

She was in the ladies room, second stall. She had checked to see if anyone was in the other stall and there was not. As she was sitting, the lid to another toilet fell. She checked to see if anyone else had come in and they had not. She left quickly.


1/10/2003 Micki and Multiple Staff Members

I was sitting at my desk and I smelled cigar or pipe smoke. This kept up for some time I asked the rest of the staff to see if they could smell it and they all said they could. We could not find any reason for this. It was strongest by the last cupboards by my desk. (Work room)

6/2003 S.G. (Staff)

At the front of the library, where new books are displayed, the top shelf of books all fell at once. It was as if someone pushed them all off.

J.W. and K.M. (Staff)

While shelving and reading shelves in the morning between 9 and 10 am, one of them picked up a book laying loose on the shelf and the whole thing (shelf) fell.

S.G. (Staff)

Where the newspapers are kept on the shelf, one shelf fell. When she checked to see why there was no apparent reason.

7/09/2003 Micki (Staff)

I heard glasses clinking as I was walking into the ladies room. Joyce was cleaning, so I asked it it was her. She usually only uses plastic bottles. It seemed odd. She said it was not her. ???

9/4/2003 Micki and Maintenance

I came in early to work on the computers. I saw Tom from Maintenance, said hello and he walked out the gates carrying an extension cord. The alarm on the security alarm gate sounded. We reset the gate and he tried again several times. He put down the cord and went threw and nothing happened. He put the cord threw and nothing happened. ???

10/25/2003 Micki, E.N., R.D. (Staff)

Before opening on Saturday 10/25/2003, we were standing at the desk getting the computers turned on, etc. Suddenly Micki noticed the front door was open wide. We asked each other if the others had left it open when they came in. No one had. I asked it they hit the handicap button, no one had. We were standing looking at tit wondering if some other staff person had come in that we did not know about and the door swung closed. Ellen went to unlock the door because it was not time to open, but it was unlocked. Ellen said she was the last to come in and she had not unlocked the door. Two Children’s Department computers were on when we came in.

10/24/2003 C.H. (Staff)

Carla’s computer was on and password had been entered. Also Shirley’s was on as well.


2/7/2004 Patrons

Me and Katie were sitting back in the Children’s corner and felt our coat being tugged the we heard music playing like the kind you play at a funeral, but when we went to check no music was playing.

2/10/2004 C.H. (Staff)

I went into the lady’s restroom and wrapped my hand around the edge of the door on the second stall. My sweater felt funny so I stopped to look at it in the mirror. As I turned to look, the door was yanked inward and I had to jump to keep from falling. There was no one there. I left!

9/11/2004 R.S. (Patron/Staff Members Husband)

Ray went into the Men’s room, first stall, The lock has to be set by hand to lock. He did so and stated to do his business. The door swung open to the stall. He re-hooked it and it did it again. He said he know he locked it. He said he does not like our bathrooms.

10/28/2004 E.E. (Staff)

Ellie reported she has been seeing a woman slouched down on the Young Adults couch fairly often, but she can see through her.

10/28/2004 Micki (Staff)

We held the “Haunted Library Night” program tonight. I was helping and was videoing the speakers. I had checked my batteries just before we started. When I turned on the camcorder it acted like the batteries were dead. I plugged it in the wall outlet and it worked. Later when Ellie spoke the camcorder started to re-focus itself. I had not touched it.

11/01/2004 C.H. (Staff)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put this in as a Ghost Log entry or not, but decided it couldn’t be anything else BUT a visit by our ghostly friends here at the library.

On October 29, around 4pm I had just finished typing a reply to an e-mail and had opened up my date book to check on one of the entries. All of a sudden my barcode scanner beeped. The beeping has happened before, but that is all it has ever been.

This occasion was different. I was getting ready to send my reply when I realized that a barcode number had been entered into the message. There were not library materials within four feet of the scanner so it could not have accidentally read any barcodes. I immediately dragged my Head of Reference librarian into my office to look at it. We wrote the number down and took it out to the Circ desk to enter it and see what title it is. The computer database had no record of it. Jo suggested counting the number of digits to see if all fourteen were there. There were only 13 digits. I went back to my computer to verify that I had copied it correctly and discovered that I had except that there was a colon at the end instead of a number. I tried entering the number with the colon and the computer brought up a list of some sort. The very first thing on the list was 3001: a Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke.

I printed the e-mail so I wouldn’t lose the barcode. On Monday morning I tried adding number 1-9 to see if anything would be pulled up. Nothing. I tried repeating my search with the colon at the end. Nothing. I pulled 3001: a Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke from the shelf. The barcode does not march. I have not been able to duplicate any of the computer responses that happened on Friday.

The barcode number is 3909205719805:


2/10/2005 E.E. (Staff)

Ellie attended the TAG group that Maxine conducts for the teenagers. They were in the Multi-Purpose room making trees. The kids were trying to get the CD player to work and switched CDs to see if that may be the problem. Maxine came and adjusted it and it began to play. The music was very fast and loud; the stereo shut off by itself after on 25 seconds. They put in the original CD (Green Day) and it would no play. Ellie jokingly said, “The ghosts didn’t like that last song. Hey ghosts its okay, this one is not as loud, please just give it a chance.” The CD played all the way through.

2/15/2005 E.E. (Staff)

This evening at about 6:20 Ellie was shelving books in the Young Adult section, alone (or was she?). As she was putting away a book (Where the Heart Is, a book she does not particularly like), she heard an odd voice say in a drawn out way, that rather echoed as if coming through a tunnel, (Hiiiiiiiiii”). It was slightly squeaky and started out at a lower tone and then gradually grew in volume until it was rather loud. A sound accompanied it almost as if the voice were speaking over this sound. It is hard to describe, but the background sound was similar to the voice. This sound tapered off after the greeting, fading off. There was no one else, physically, in the area. She felt excited and rather grateful for some reason. She had the feeling that it was not easy for this word to be spoken. She was shaky for a few minutes afterwards.

4/22/2005 Micki (Staff) 8:35 am

I was looking for a children’s video at the back of the library. I heard a very loud (woman’s voice) sigh like someone had had a very loud day. I thought it was Shelley from Children’s Services. It sounded just like her tone of voice. I turned thing I would see her and no one was there. I checked with Joyce & Carla, they had been in the other areas. No one else was close to that area at the time.

3/15/2005 Patron

A young adult patron reports that while on the computer in the Children’s section she heard “someone” whisper her name three times. She thought it was me (Ellie Staff), but I was shelving books and far away from her-plus I did not say it. She reports that another time she was washing her hands in the bathroom at about 8:30pm and the lights turned on and off several times, quickly. She was one of only a few patrons in the library at the time and states that upon exiting the bathroom there was nobody in the vicinity.

6/14/2005 Micki (Staff)

Big “Ghost Story” News. This last week a regular patron stopped by the library asked to talk to me. T and I have known each other for many years. He is a serious sort and not the type to exaggerate. He said “I saw a ghost”. I laughed and said yeah right (we get that a lot). He turned to me very seriously and said “I am not kidding, I saw a ghost:. He had my attention then. The story goes like this, he said he stopped by the library around 10 pm and we were closed. He was just walking passed the windows at the front of the library and something caught his eye. He looked up and there in the library was a darkly dressed figure, possibly a male, by the front desk at Circ Computer #2. Suddenly it took off and zipped towards the Gallery and disappeared. He was left very shaken and he said his heart was racing. His next thought was to get the books in the book drop and get out of there. He hurried over to the book drop and opened the door. When he did a huge gust of air came up and out of the shoot and hit him in the face. This really threw him and he took off. He asked if this air was normal, I had to say it was not. He walked over and checked it a couple of times to make sure. He said he will never come to the library at night again. VERY INTERESTING!!

6/16/2005 Micki (Staff)

I came in early to make up time. Joyce was upstairs, I don’t know where Gary was, but there was no one downstairs but me. I stepped out of the back room to the front desk area and I heard the Newton’s Cradle balls clack a couple of times and stop. I walked over to check them and they were still barely moving, but they had been moving.

(Newton’s Cradle, was made and donated by a patron. There is a rack with 6 billiards balls hanging and once the end ball is swung and let loose, the next ball hits into the next, and it into the next, and so on. The balls are heavy and do not moving easily).

6/20/2005 M & T K (Patrons)

While showing T the Ghost log, we kept hearing a creaking noise coming from the upper center portion of the building, like somebody waling up there real slow, we were both sitting by the restrooms.

11/01/2005 CA (Patron)

What happened was one night my mom came to get me a book. She reached to grab a book and bam! The Shelf fell on her and then she heard whispering and laughing like ha,ha,ha,he,he,he.

11/03/2005 CS (Patron)

Me and my friend T, were in the girl’s bathroom and T was putting make-up on and I looked up in the mirror and the bathroom stall doors were all swinging. We saw it at the same time and swung around and everything was normal.

11/14/2005 BW (Patton)

When B Took out the trash to the back of the library he heard what sounded like someone playing the same note on a xylophone with exactly one second between sounds. It seemed to echo.

On the same evening Ellie (Staff) and B (patron) were in the multi-purpose room by themselves, cleaning up after a program, when they heard an odd sound. B describes as the sound a speaker makes when it blows, and Ellie describes it as something falling over. There was on one behind the curtains and nothing seemed to be amiss.

11/17/2005 MN (Patron)

Well today we came to do a report and then I went to the bathroom. (Me and my friend)….I just barely taped the door and all of a sudden the door just flew open!!! Me and my friend screamed and ran out of the bathroom!


6/10/2006 T.V. (Staff)

She was working on the computers and it crashed. She changed computers, that one would not work right. She tried another computer, it did not work right. We rebooted all. The worked for everyone else, but not for her.

6/12/2006 All Staff

Security gate went off. Non one was there. Later it went off again and no one was there.

6/19/2006 Reference

The Reference phone usually picks up calls from the other phones. Suddenly it reset itself. It had to be recoded.

6/30/2006 E.E. (Staff) and multiple witnesses

During the program, “Ghost Stories at the Library”, there were some unexplained occurrences that were witnessed by many people. I am one of the librarians who put on the program and I was at the end of the group. The other librarian (Janice) was in the garage with her part of the group at the time of the occurrences I am about to explain what took place. The part of the group that I was with was upstairs and in the process of filing out of the lounge and down the back stairs.

A loud knocking came from INSIDE the maintenance closet across from the lounge. Everyone by it jumped out of the way exclaiming and asking who did it. Everyone had stopped moving by this time and they were all standing back from the door; no one claimed to do it. It happened again-three very loud and forceful knocks that rattled the door. No one was near it and it was clear that it was coming from the inside of the closet. I had the keys in my pocket and knew for sure that there was no way anybody physical was in there As people began to immediately continue to file down the stairs, a horrible and strong smell of dead and rotting fish permeated the hall and the stairwell. The people were coughing and holding their noses and asking what the smell was. It lasted for several minutes.

Almost everyone was down the stairs, except for a young man, J, who was about halfway down the top flight of steps, just standing there, and two young women, K and B, who were standing on the landing. K reports keeping the door begin to move, I heard her say “Oh my God, I’m going to scream.” Then it slammed show very forcefully, and tow or three people did scream. Everyone in the stairwell, myself included, heard it and it startled many people. No one was near the door and it had been open for at least two hours with the door stop firmly in place.

We filed out into the library itself and several people were pointing up to the lounge and exclaiming that there was someone up there with a white t-shirt. They kept asking me who was up there, but by the time I was out where I could see the lounge, it was gone. Now, yes we did have the two volunteers who had been up there earlier moving the curtain while EVERYONE was downstairs in the YA section, however, at the pint, as we were coming down the stairs and in the circulation area and by the videos and music CDs, Janice, her group and the two guys who had been moving the curtain earlier, were ALL in the garage. Everyone was accounted for. The two guys who were the pranksters did not have on white t-shirts any way. One was wearing dark blue and the other was wearing a black and white striped shirt. Two young ladies also reported seeing a little boy about three running upstairs.

The next morning the librarians who opened, said that the upstairs door was propped open, despite the fact that at least 20 people witnessed it being slammed shut. Also, I turned off the lights in both of the bathrooms on our way out and the librarians in the morning reported that the lights were on.

9/09/2006 Micki (Staff)

I was in the Staff Lounge restroom, the door was locked. I heard knocks (5 bumps) on the door. I said I’d be right out. Thought it was s staff members daughter, but when I came out no one else had been up stairs. I asked a patron who was sitting in the Gallery if she had or had seen anyone go up the stairs, she said no. There were no other ways anyone could be up there.

I went up later in the day and there was one quick bump at the door. ????

9/15/2006 Patrons mother and daughter

On September 15, 2006, a patron came to the Front Desk and reported to a staff member that her daughter had seen something. That staff member came to find me, and I went to talk to the woman and her daughter. We sat down and you could see they were both very uneasy. I asked what had happened. The mother said that she and her daughter had been in the library 10 days earlier, and that her daughter was in the Ladies restroom and was in the handicapped stall. She went in and saw a “mean face” and came running out to find her mother. She would not go back in. I asked that little girl, who is about 7, to tell me just what she saw. She repeated just what her mother said. She just kept saying “I saw a mean face”. That was all the description she would five. She was visibly shaken.

I reassured the mother and daughter that we have never had anything bad happen here. We have had noises and things fall, the alarm gate would sound off, even heard a voice now and then, but nothing bad. I also told them if they ever felt scared or uncomfortable, please come and tell us.

10/13/2006 Youth Services Staff and Patrons

Youth Services hosted an after hours tour of the library for the high school students on Friday the 13th. We went through the library in the dark (mostly) and Janice and I (Ellie) had flashlights. We split the group in half so that we could have smaller groups to work with. The tour consisted of us walking through the library, in the dark and stopping at various points and sharing entries from the ghost log and /or experiences.

When Janice and I, first approached the front doors, both of us noticed a distinctive, thick, “mist” hovering in front of the front windows, from the top of the front doors to the top of the front windows. B and her husband R arrived and we were going through the building opening doors and such. While we were upstairs in the hallway, R asked us if we had a fog machine in the lounge. We did not and said so as we turned to look. All of us observed a thick “misty cloud” between the lounge and the maintenance closet in the hallway.

During the course of the tour some unexplained phenomena did occur. The fist occurrence took place in the women’s bathroom. Two patrons entered the bathroom in the dark by themselves. The person in the front flipped his cell phone open in order to give them a little light and the other person way holding onto the back of his coat. About half way across the room, the patron in the front described the following, “…It felt like someone pushed me with two hands at full force square in the chest…” The patron who was holding onto his coat said that, “…It felt like he slammed into a brick wall…” Both people were physically pushed backwards about a foot and visibly shaken.

The next incident was witnessed from the Reference section that used to be the Young Adult (Y.A.) section. We had stopped to describe a few incidences that I experienced when it was the Y.A. section. As we began to move on a patron exclaimed, “A hand! I just saw a hand!” He indicated the third window pane, from the left, in the top row of windows on the front of the building. He described it making a semi-circular swiping sort of motion, followed by another swipe slightly above the first one. We ALL observed two new marks on the window in the pattern described by the person.

I was with both groups in the lounge. As we entered the room in both cases, approximately half of the patrons exclaimed or made comments upon entering that they were suddenly extremely dizzy and needed to sit down. I observed one patron in the second group whose knees buckled as he walked in the room. He remained dizzy until we left that room.

Several people in both groups (including myself) could hear, when standing between the hallway and the lounge, a sound that reminded them of someone blowing across the mouth of an empty bottle. It was not a constant sound and could be heard starting and stopping repeatedly. It was not constant with any of the regular sounds of the building. Both groups described hearing this independently of one another.

From the moment each group was in the lounge, for the remainder of the tour, many people suddenly caught a very strong and pleasant whiff of sandalwood. I myself smelled sandalwood in the upstairs bathroom frequently, and occasionally in other places throughout the library after taking a trip to the lounge. This was the case on this evening as wll. Many people described smelling “incense”, and others described it as sandalwood. “It” stayed with us for the rest of the night.

All present that evening described feeling a great happiness and contentment.

Nov. 2006 Patrons AM & V

Me and my friend V. were in the back of the library and heard a little girl giggling. We found her near the third row of books, she ran away from us. We chased her for a few minutes until she ran through a row of books. We left the library after that.

(He relayed this story to a staff member. He said the little girl ran through the book stacks and that’s when they realized that she was not real.)


2/12/2007 DW by MG (Staff)

She was sitting at the front Desk and she heard a voice at her ear.

2/15/2007 C.H., G.P., Micki (Staff)

We were standing by the computer by Micki’s desk. All three heard the computer turn off and then turn on three times. Strange.

6/14/2007 Micki (Staff)

I went out to non-fiction to pull a book. As I reached up to get it, I felt a light touch. Like a hand lightly reach and hold my arm. I have never had that happen before. It got my attention.

6/28/2007 C.M. (Staff) for Patron

A patron came to the desk. She asked if it was normal to see a little girl. I asked if the girl was lost and she shook her head. I asked if she meant a ghost and she shuddered and said yes. She saw a little girl next to her while she was washing her hands. She said she had noticed her in a stall previously. We asked but she did not want to talk about it.

Additional info: The story goes… the same lady had seen the young girls with pigtails. They said hello to each other and she stated washing her hands. She turned around and the girl was gone. She asked if anyone had seen the same girl, no on had. Staff member CM, said she was sure of what she saw “a ghost girl”. Years ago an oriental girl was seen, could she be back?????

5/5/2007 L. H. Amateur Ghost Hunter, from Torrance, Ca. (Tourist/Patron)

I arrived in Green River at approximately 7:10pm. My very first stop was the supposedly haunted library in town. I’d read a story about it in one of the several ghost books in my collection at home in Torrance, California.

I wanted to check the library closing time before checking into a motel. The posted hours showed a closing time of 9 pm, so I figured I had time to see if there was a vacancy at the Coachman Motel nearby, grab a quick bite to eat, and come back.

Up re-entering the car, I dialed up directions on my GPS for the Coachman, on Flaming Gorge Way. I headed out in the direction of the arrow, fairly confident that if I made a wrong turn, I would hear the female voice saying, “Re-calculating”, and pointing me in the right direction. I headed uphill, not realizing Flaming Gorge Way was behind me. As the road curved right, I got a “Re-calculating” telling me to continue .4 miles on my route and to make a right on Riverview Cemetery Road.

As I went up the narrow curved road I immediately saw the entrance to the cemetery straight ahead. This was the cemetery where the bodies from the old cemetery where the library now sits had been relocated! The GPS told me to urn on Riverview Cemetery Road, but all I could see was an unmarked gravel road before the cemetery entrance, so I thought the motel might be on the other side of the cemetery grounds. As I drove through, I got several, “re-calculating” messages, telling me now to make a u-turn when possible. I was starting to get creeped-out.

I was happy to see a couple cleaning a grave marker and I hopped out of the car and approached them with, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’m lost.” They gave me directions to go back the way I had come. I got back in my car after thanking them, turned off the GPS and found my way out and away from there!

L. H., Amateur Ghost Hunter

(Upon attempting to get the same directions a second time from her GPS, it directed her, correctly, to the Coachman Motel.)

8/2/2007 M. T. (Patron)

It was around closing time, I was around the Children’s videos and I heard my name a couple times in a very low voice. I turned and looked and no one was around. Then it happened again. Then I walked away and I thought I saw a figure out the corner of my eye. I was so freaked out.

8/24/2007 M. P. (Patron)

I was on the computer playing a game and a lot of books fell off the shelf. It freaked me out.

8/29/2007 Micki (Staff)

I was walking to the ladies room and felt a chill or a cold spot. As I walked into the restroom door, it was gone, so I stepped back out and it was there. It was still between the table and the door. I could find no vents or such that would cause this.

9/14/2007 8:30 am Micki (Staff)

I came in a little early. Only a couple people were in the building. I walked to the hallway towards the Multi-purpose Room for coffee and a movement caught my eye. I saw a shadow move across the hall. It was directly in front of the Outreach door. I thought maybe it was the maintenance man outside the door casting a shadow in. He was not anywhere near there when I found him and said he had not been. This is directly under a light and it would be very unusual to have that much movement outside show. I only saw it for about 15 seconds. I did not see it again.

9/19/2007 V.R. (Staff)

I felt someone watching me as I worked in my office (located in the back of the building across from the Outreach room). I turned around and no one was there. I kept feeling like someone was there so I hurried and finished and left.

(She reported later that in the many years she has worked here she never felt being watching this strongly).


2/12/2008 8:15 am C.H.(Staff)

She was back towards Y. A. area and heard a sound like “hu-hum”. As if someone was clearing their throat. No one was there.

2/20/2008 8:25 am Micki (Staff)

I was reading shelves early before anyone else, but maintenance comes in. I was in the fiction area and heard what sounded like “hu-hum” or someone clearing their throat. I was sure it was Gary (Maintenance) pulling a prank. I whispered “Gary knock it off”. No answer. A few minutes later I heard it again. I got up and looked around. No one was even close to where I was. About a couple of minutes later I heard a rustling sound. I immediately thought of the “swishy skirt” that has been heard before. I looked around again. No one was there.

April 1, 2008 Patron

Patron said he hear noises in the Men’s Room. No one but him was in there at the time. I asked if this was an April Fools joke, he said no.(?)

Carla said she has been smelling perfume and “getting that feeling” again.

Ellie and Tag group was out by the garage painting and could feel something. Ellie thought someone was behind her and she turned and no one was there, but she noticed one of the girls was doing the same thing. She asked her and she said she had just felt like someone was watching her too.

April 2, 2008 Joyce

Reported hearing voices again before the rest of staff arrived. The only persons in the building at that time of day are the custodian and the maintenance man.

April 3, 2008 Patron Report (mg reporting)

The same patron that previously saw the “little girl” reported she was “creeped out”. She said she had been in many times since the “little girl sighting” and there was nothing to report. She went into the Ladies Room and the hair on her neck went up. She asked if there was anything different going on lately. I could not think of anything that would make her feel that way.

April 14, 2008 Micki (Staff)

I was coming back from lunch and as I started down the stairs in front of the library I heard a “boy” crying. I guessed about 10 years old, not a baby or toddler. I of course looked to see if someone was hurt, but I could not find anyone.

Several staff members reported smelling lavender or perfume by the mailboxes in the back. There was a Christmas ornament with a candle in the area, but after investigating, the staff said this was not remotely close to the fragrance they smelt.

Ellie reports smelling lilies for the past week.

April 18, 2008

We had a Poetry Jam at the Sweetwater County Library on the evening of the 18th of April. After the show was over, there were several volunteers helping clean up. A man approached me and asked if there was another librarian working that he hadn’t met yet. I assumed he meant during the day and asked what she looked like. He began to describe her as having black curly hair that was styled kind of high up on her head and he said she wore glasses. Well I was stumped and asked if she had worked earlier that day. He said, “No, right now. I just saw her.” I said, “Wait a minute; you JUST saw her? There are no other librarians working tonight. Was she a real woman or a ghost woman?” He said, “I don’t know, that’s why I asked.” I said, “Where did you see her? Show me!”

Well we put a lot of the items that we do not need in the back hallway and this guy had been back there alone retrieving some of it. There was a light on under the stairs, however the light in the stairwell was off and it was there on the landing in the darker part of the stairwell at the top of the bottom flight of stairs that he saw her. He said she was so solid he thought she was real and that she wore a long white dress and just held eye contact with him for a couple of minutes and then smiled at him and went upstairs. Later we turned on the light and he noticed the picture of our first librarian in Green River that hangs in the stairwell there and said that the woman he saw looked just like her, however her hair was styled different. There was definitely a presence in that area, for right as he showed me where he saw her, the hair on my arms stood up. I almost ALWAYS feel a presence there and on this night it was VERY strong! Extremely cool!!!

May 7, 2008 Micki (Staff)

I was in the public Ladies Room, first stall. I heard what sounded like a flip-flop hitting the floor. You know, like someone was putting their foot down. Then it got quiet. I had a strange feeling and the hair on the back of my head stood up. I softly whispered “hello”, no answer. I said it again, “hello” and suddenly there was a very loud slamming bang. That got my attention. I decided to go look and see if someone was there and was playing games. There was no one.

July 3, 2008 Thursday Micki & other staff

As the staff was closing up for the holiday weekend, we had turned off the lights and were heading towards the door. I heard an unusual sound that seemed to come from the Gallery area. It was like a soft bang or thud, like a ball bouncing (?). The restrooms are in that area, but we had just checked them and no one was in either one. I suddenly stopped and looked that way to see if I was missing something and the rest of the staff stopped also. Carla apparently also heard or felt something. I then heard a very low giggle, like a small child’s laugh. Carla and I both got the chills and we all decided to leave.

July 15, 2008 Staff Member 6pm

Heard voices, low and muffled. She looked around no one was there.

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