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Is it real?
By Micki Gilmore

Suddenly we feel a change,
We feel something is in the air.
A faint whisper is heard
But I look and see no one there.

A strange smell is detected,
Possibly from a large cigar?
There is no smoking allowed in the building,
We search everywhere, nothing, how bizarre.

The swish of old skirts is heard,
And foot steps walking very near,
There is a sense the air is strange,
But once again no one is there.

A light turned off is now on,
Hearing noises or voices call.
Seeing a slight shadow moving there,
Or “sparkles” climbing up the wall.

Is it real or are we tricked?
Proof we can not show.
But there is something here we feel,
Just what it is we do not know.

http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk71/tintubkid/?action=view¤t=211c4afe.pbwow for Haunted Library

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