Ghost Walk 2010 EVPs Part I

December 30, 2010 on 4:22 pm | In Article | 2 Comments

voice waves







EVPs from patron-MT

EVPS from digital recorder

#1   Lady’s Restroom———————————————“go” or “ghost”

 s Restroom MT

#2   YS in back——————————————————noise

 s Section MT

#3   She was standing at Ellen’s Desk————————“William”

 EVP3 – Boy says his name William MT

#4    She was standing at Ellen’s Desk———————–“Gretchyn”

 EVP4 – Gretchen MT

#5   Back hallway————————————————-voice but is unclear to me, it is under people talking

 s Voice MT

#6   Back hallway————————————————-“nooooo”

 EVP6 – Noise MT

#7   Back hallway by stairs————————————-piano notes (2 tones)

 EVP7 – 2 Piano notes MT

#8   Garage on steps———————————————what sounds like an owl hoot

 EVP8 – Garage steps – Woooo MT

#9   Staff lounge————————————————–“I am”

 EVP1 – Lounge MT

#10  Upper hall by Staff Lounge—————————–One woman says she is getting a headache, Marcie also started getting a headache, and you hear a woman’s voice (unclear).

s whisper at top of steps MT

If you hear something difference than I do, please let me know. 

Also if you attended Ghost Walk 2010 and you have evidence you would like to share, please send it to: .

Thank you!!


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  1. I hear the EVPS. Doesn’t that creep you out. WOW!

    Comment by George — January 5, 2011 #

  2. I was wondering if you are going to use my EVPS from my cell phone that I showed you and we had to record them on your device. I would really like people to hear them. I was the one with the girl saying she was 7 and my daughter was talking and she got “I believe you”. Let me know. Thanks.

    Comment by Bridget — January 5, 2011 #

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