What is your favorite ghost story?

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October is always an interesting time here at the library.  With Halloween fast approaching everyone seems to have a favorite ghost story.  Once someone tells one creepy story then the race is off to tell another.  It is a snowball effect.  The stories get bigger and better with each telling.

In the newest edition of “TAPS Paranormal Magazine” Sept/Oct 2010 there is a great story told by Grant Wilson.  He is one of the co-founders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society).  The story read as follows:

“So I was fifteen-years-old and young and had just started having odd paranormal things happen to me in droves.  This is one that I will never forget.

Two of my best friends whom I had known since I was five-and have still remained close to –were walking the streets and just enjoying the quiet and mystique of Halloween night. We decided to visit an Old New England cemetery by my friend’s house.  We didn’t go into the graveyard, out of respect for the dead, but we did stand outside admiring the stones and the age and history of New England. At one point, one of my friends had his back to the cemetery while my other friend and I were looking at it.  The friend that couldn’t see the cemetery was standing sort of between us, telling a joke, when suddenly my friend and I both saw something rise up from behind a gravestone and sink back down behind it.  Both he and I were instantly freaked out by it and we slowly backed away and took off down the street leaving our other friend standing there, stupefied, thinking he had just told a horrible joke!’

As anyone that reads my blog knows, I watch Ghost Hunters every week.  In fact I try to watch all the shows out there.  I feel it is my duty to try to understand as much as I can about the unexplained as possible.  No I am not going to become a “ghost hunter”, but because I work in a building that is thought to be haunted, maintain the Ghost Log and host the blog, I should at least educate myself whenever possible.  Ghost Hunters, for one, has helped me to understand these are not just stories.  Most spirits are just people in another dimension.

With this said, we all love a good scare.  There is nothing like sitting outside in the dark telling ghost stories.  Our so called “friends” love to watch us squirm as the story escalates, but it is a whole different thing when it is not just a joke and the paranormal steps in.  Like Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters seeing is believing.

Tell us your favorite ghost story.  Let the telling begin…….

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