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On August 14, 2010, the ghost hunter group NUPS (Northern Utah Paranormal Society) investigated here at the Sweetwater County Library.  The five-member group were very professional and serious about their work.  I was impressed with how they handled themselves.  The following is the written report from NUPS along with one EVP that was captured.

NUPS Investigation Report

For approximately 14 years the city used site of the prior cemetery as a park, and then in 1944 they turned the park into houses for Veterans returning from the war.  During construction, a few bodies were found and re-interred in the Riverview Cemetery up the street.  The construction of these houses would start the trend of numerous bodies being dug up over the next 39 years.

Construction on the Sweetwater County Library began in 1978.  At that time 12 additional bodies were found and relocated.  A few years later in 1983 as the landscaping was being updated, more graves were found and like before moved up the street.  All of the bodies that have been found since the original relocation of the cemetery have been put into mass graves of 12-14 bodies each.


The NUPS team arrived at the location at approximately 7:00 pm.  We met with Micki a member of the library staff who gave us a quick rundown of the reported activity and a tour of the library.

We set up our equipment and had great coverage of all the main areas of the library.  We had 6 video cameras and 4-5 digital voice records placed in various areas.

Our team split up into two groups.  We rotated around the library, focusing on spots that had the most reported activity.  The ladies bathroom and the staff break room were places that we experienced the most possible activity.

Staff Lounge:

The first notable event happened while Jennifer, Nate, and Robert were sitting up in staff lounge conducting an EVP session.  Chad and Gary were downstairs near the young adult section of the library.

We immediately noticed that the EMF reading was higher than the previous baseline reading, holding steady at about 1.6 (previously baseline was .1).  While we were asking questions and talking about the evening we kept hearing movement in the hallway directly behind Jennifer.  Chad and Gary were still visible downstairs at the other end of the library and no one else was in the library except for the NUPS team.  Nate saw a shadow figure standing in the hallway about 5-6 feet behind where Jennifer was sitting.  Jennifer got up to move the video camera into the hallway and as shortly after moving the camera into the hallway the EMF reading dropped back down .1 – .2 and the sense of the room went back to a more normal feeling.

Ladies Room:

Chad and Gary reported feeling their hair standing on end when they entered the restroom.  They also reported getting their flashlight to turn on and off in response to yes / no questions.

Jennifer, Nate, and Robert heard what sounded like two men having a conversation in the lobby outside the restrooms.  At first we thought that Gary and Chad were coming to switch places, but after listening to this muffled conversation for approximately 30 seconds or so, we got up to see who was out there and they were both upstairs in the staff room.  (Note: While we were wrapping up our investigation Jennifer was reading through the Ghost Log that the library keeps for all reported activity.  Interestingly the most recent reports were of the sounds of a man’s voice, as in a conversation.)

Upstairs Hallway:

Nate was sitting at the top of the stairs and reported the sound of footsteps in the lobby area in front of the bathrooms.  No one was in the area at the time.

Unfortunately this was one of those investigations where the night was promising and actually, we felt, fairly active.  But upon review of our evidence, we came up with only one possible EVP.

We had a couple of things working against us that night.  The library is fairly large, and has a very open layout.  While we felt we had good coverage equipment wise, it was just a very large location to investigate.  Secondly it was extremely windy that night.  The average wind speed was 13 mph with gusts up to 28 mph.  It was causing a lot of outside noise interference, and the library also had an extremely loud ventilation system.

Regardless, we thought it was a great investigation, we had no equipment problems, the investigation went smoothly, and we had a great time.

You can see our photos of the investigation here.


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