Paranormal State

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Paranormal State


Recently I was checking out the online library catalog for the Sweetwater County Library System.  I check for new DVDs all the time and I ran across the series Paranormal State which is a fairly new television series about Ghost Hunting.  Because I work in a haunted library things like this catch my attention.   I had heard about this series, but I was only able to catch it on TV once.  I was intrigued.


The White Mountain Library has the complete first season, in a three disc set.  I found this series to very interesting.  I watch several of the “ghost hunter” shows on a regular basis.  Ryan and his team take their cases very seriously.  There is also a definite religious background in their attitudes and believes.  Each team member brings their own religious believes with them.  There are Catholics, Pagans, etc.  Also they use a clinical psychologist to work with the persons from each case if needed. 


I try to learn from each of the shows and teams that I watch.  I myself do not “ghost hunt”, but I do get many questions.  It is important to me to be informed, so that I too can help others to understand the unexplained a little better.  Paranormal State has definitely given me a better view of some of the things to watch out for.  I do not mean that the library in which I work has “evil spirits”, but they definitely educate you in being cautious when dealing with any spirits.


I give Paranormal State an A+.  Check it out.


The A & E Website states the following:

Delve deep into the strange and the mysterious with Paranormal Research Society founder Ryan Buell and his team of investigators as they attempt to unravel inexplicable paranormal phenomena including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, demonic disturbances, and brushes with the darkest areas of the unknown. Founded by Buell in 2001, the PRS works on cases across the country and is one of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation. This season includes a Pennsylvania couple besieged by paranormal activity in their home, an aggressive poltergeist in Maryland, and a ghostly hag nicknamed the “Lady Vampire” by the Texas family she torments. Through the use of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings and video documentation, and with the help of renowned psychics, demonologists, psychologists and counselors, the PRS explores these bizarre cases in the hopes of helping frightened people who have nowhere else to turn.


Visit the official PRS Web site at or visit



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  1. i was just wondering if any of you guys have a first hand experience about Paranormal in real life.:~:

    Comment by Leah Anderson — May 23, 2010 #

  2. Are you asked the staff at the library or Paranormal State?

    Comment by mgilmore — May 25, 2010 #

  3. paranormal stuffs are usually for those persons who are very very supersitious.,'”

    Comment by Michael Williams — July 27, 2010 #

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I however believe that you must keep an open mind on these things. Unless you have had an experience you may not understand how profound that experience might be.

    Comment by mgilmore — July 28, 2010 #

  5. i like to hear paranormal stuffs because it stirs my excitement and imagination-‘;

    Comment by Ava Davis — September 13, 2010 #

  6. i am a believer of paranormal stuffs specially ghosts and stuffs like that*:-

    Comment by LED Grow Light  — October 13, 2010 #

  7. my sister is a firm believer in the supernatural and the occult as well as on paranormal activities too~,*

    Comment by LCD Protector : — October 24, 2010 #

  8. i have always been interested in the paranormal and the occult, that is why i bought some trifield meter and emf meters *:~

    Comment by Shower Pump %0B — December 21, 2010 #

  9. It is normal to be curious, but I always caution anyone to be careful. Educate yourself before you start “hunting”. There are things out there that we just do not know enough about.

    Comment by mgilmore — January 5, 2011 #

  10. I have been examinating out some of your posts and i must say nice stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog.

    Comment by Loura Humphrey — December 19, 2011 #

  11. Thanks for your kind words.

    Comment by mgilmore — December 19, 2011 #

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