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The following is information sent to me by John York, the founder of UROPA (Utah Reserachers of Paranormal Activity).

These are the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that we cannot explain. They are open for interpretation as to what may be said or even what some of the noises are. We do label according to how they may sound when we analyize. These are captured with different recording devices so the recordings may sound different. They have not been “altered”. If you have headphones, grab them. Please let me know what you think.

1-The 1st one is in what we call the “Moose Room”. I asked if there was a little girl around and what her name was. This male voice seems to respond about 15sec later.

UROPA EVP-SCL1Britney (2)

2-“SCLfemaleBR”- Myself and Dylan were alone on this side of the library and in the main womens bathroom. Sounds like a female voice and then a male.

UROPA EVP-SCL2femaleBR (2)

3-“SCL3hallvoice” Downstairs hallway by stairwell behind office. Voice?

UROPA EVP-SCL3hallvoice (2)

4-“SCL5brightlight”- My favorite. Multi-Purpose room. Two voices. Young girl. “bright light” and “of course”. Very cool!

UROPSA EVP-SCL5brightlight (2)

5-“SCLitissomething”- To me, sounds like it ends in “son”. Kelly hears this at the time and I believe she starts to say “Wow”.

UROPA EVP-SCLit is something 130m58s (2)

6-“SCLman” Sounds female to me. Moose Room.

UROPA EVP-SCLman 124m19s (2)

7-“SCLman in moose corner” Its speaking as Kelly asks “are you a woman”?

UROPA EVP-SCLmedia rm noise and unintelligible 173m39s (2)

8-“SCL media rm noise” A knocking sound that was heard in media room.

UROPA EVP-SCLmedia rm noise and unintelligible 173m39s (2)

9-“SCLnot found”- To me, it has an “S” sound.

UROPSA EVP-SCLnot found 30m25s (2)

We do have others, but they are very difficult to make out…


I would love hear back from you on what you think you hear.

Let me know!

(I will try to get audio on the other EVP’s from UROPA and post them when they are available.)

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