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On May 15th a Utah based paranormal group came to the library for a ghost hunt.  They are UROPA from Brigham City, Utah.  As always we are happy to hear from such a professional group.  Although it will take time for them to prepare a report of their findings, I wanted to share a little information about the group.

(Taken from their website)

About Us

UROPA was formed in June of ’08 but has members that have been involved with the paranormal for several years.  We are a small group of people that have a professional attitude and strong sense of integrity in pursuing the study of hauntings.  We are Brigham City’s first “established” group of paranormal investigators.  UROPA is not looking for “fame” or “fortune” through our endeavors but have a genuine desire to help.

We are in no way trying to prove the existence of “ghosts” to anyone yet acknowledge that this phenomenon exists.  Our efforts in this field of study allow us to help others understand what may be taking place in their homes.  We gather and provide to homeowners any possible evidence that could indicate something paranormal is happening and educate those involved in hopes of easing the stress a haunting…

UROPA will “ghost hunt” at public locations with the intent of learning and experiencing possible phenomena in an effort to help those that live with what could be considered “uneasy” or to some, frightening.  We will collect as much “evidence” as possible in regards to hauntings and welcome anyone to prove that it is, in fact, not paranormal…

We believe that fundraising for events are a great way to help support historic buildings and such that have reported activity.  We do not believe that accepting money for these kinds of events (in our own pockets) is ethical.  We do spend money in travel and on travel and on equipment, but this is what we have chosen to do.  Paranormal investigating is not and should not be a business…

UROPA will in no way compromise our integrity by making false claims of paranormal activity.  This field is difficult enough without having false claims made by novice or “expert” investigators.

We look forward to helping those in need and those that are just curious about their situations.  Knowledge can contribute much to ease fear of the unknown…

Utah Researchers of Paranormal Activity

For more information on this group or if you have questions for them please visit:


Special thanks to John, Traci, Kelly, and Dylan for their time and efforts.

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