Where have all the ghosts gone?

July 30, 2010 on 4:06 pm | In Article | 2 Comments

Recently I was asked by a patron “Where have all the ghosts gone?”  “Has anything happened lately?”  We get asked this often.  Well it dawned on me that there have been very a few reports, but not much.  Things have slowed down in that department.  Maybe they are on Spring Break!

Through the years we have noticed that there are lulls in activity.  We have never been able to figure why.  When time allows I have gone over the Ghost Log to try to figure a pattern from the reports.  We know that during the months of September and October things always get busier.  Whether it is because of the atmospheric changes or just Halloween looming ahead, we just do not know.  I have heard it said many times that “spooks” of all kinds are more active during October.  It makes sense I guess, you know All Hallows Eve and all.

“Do ghosts take vacations? That is the other question that seems to be asked.  My answer “who knows”.  It seems as though they do go somewhere because of the inactivity from time to time, but we have no idea where.   Many of us joke “I hope it is somewhere warm.”  We have no proof one way or the other.  There is just no way of knowing.  Sorry, but that’s an honest answer.

I do not think our ghosts or activity are a residual haunting.  A residual haunting means to see “something” that works like a video that has been looped and plays over and over.  What we seem to have are more interactive spirits, although there may be both.  For instance, one staff member was in the Lady’s Room and tapped her shoe for one reason or another, to her surprise she heard what sounded like someone tapping their shoe back.  She was very startled to say the least.  Another saw a figure for just a second move in the stacks, but there was no interaction.

We do know what seems to get them going.  One indicator is when we are having repairs or major changes to the building.  It seems they just do not like change.  The staff at the library can change and they do not seem to care, but do some remodeling and they seem to come out to see just what we are up to.  According to the experts online and on television this is very typical.

Do you have any ideas or maybe a theory or two?  Let me know.  I would love to hear what you think.

These are the latest reports:

A young mother was in the Multi-Purpose room with her young daughter.  No one else was in there at the time.  Her daughter was staring at something and had a strange look on her face.  The mother asked her daughter “What are you looking at?”  The daughter replied “He has no legs mommy!”  The mother felt sure that she had seen a “ghost” forming.

I walked into the Multi-Purpose room one afternoon two weeks ago and in the corner by the piano there seemed to be something.  I heard a very strange noise.  It was sort of a low rustling sound.  I walked over slowly and looked behind the piano but there was nothing.

The security gate has gone off a few times lately and we do not know why.  This may or may not be “ghost” related.  We are looking into it.


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  1. HHMmmm… I would have thought that at least the ghosts might have missed me….

    Comment by Esmerelda — August 6, 2010 #

  2. Of course they did, they ask for you often. LOL

    Comment by mgilmore — August 6, 2010 #

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