Psychic Children

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Recently I was flipping through channels one night trying to find something to watch on television and I ran across a show called “Psychic Kids: Children of the paranormal”.  I am always looking for a new paranormal show so I stopped and watched.   The premise of the show is two adults that are professional psychics; take two or three young people and their parents to a psychic weekend get-away.

Generally it seems many of the young people are having difficulties as you might have guessed dealing with their special connections.  Many families and friends do not understand what it is they are going through and it has taken a hard toll on their young lives.  Although they did not ask for their gifts they try their best to deal with what they see, hear, feel, etc.  It is very hard on them.

The psychic adults that are doing the “workshops” seem very kind and understanding.  As they phrase it “We have been there and we know what it is like”.  And they do seem to try to teach the young people how to take control and get their lives back.  Unfortunately if is sometimes hard and it does take time.  They are given steps and tools to work with.  After time things do seem better, not always totally ok, but at least they are providing hope for someone that otherwise would seem lost.

In some ways as a mother I found it disturbing to see how scared and distraught the kids were and how hopeless their parents seemed.  As a parent s, when you hear a child say they talked to someone many of us have assumed that they have an imaginary friend and we dismiss it.  Well…maybe we should not always dismiss it so quickly.  If you watch a few of the episodes you will see just what some of the children are dealing with.  Some of it is very intense.

After watching one episode I am hooked.  I now try to catch new episodes whenever I can.  I have learned a lot from just the few I have watched.  If you have a child that is having similar difficulties or you have gifts of your own and need help you might contact the experts on the website for assistance.  Or if you are interested in watching please visit A & E Television or the website below.

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