Be very cautious when buying “Haunted Objects”

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I know this just seems ridiculous to most of us. Why would you go out looking to buy an object that is haunted? To me that is just NUTS! I think you would be looking for trouble. Also it would stand to reason you just might get more than you intended.

While researching another article I stumbled across a posting on the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) site by Al Tyas titled Buyer Beware! Collecting Haunted Object.

Excerpt from his article
Now I am very familiar with the slogan “Buyer beware” because slowly but surely strange things began to happen in my home. It began with the usual feeling I was not alone. Then along came the electronics going haywire. The remote control flips by itself, and the phone disconnects. Strange scratching on my outside door has occurred as well, and I did see a gray image in the corner of my bedroom. My cats stare and cry at nothing as well. Most of this was ok for me, mainly due to all the haunted homes I’ve been in. However, the two most awkward things that have happened so far are the big giant orb seen on the Infrared camera and the feeling someone is sitting on the side of the bed….those I’m still adjusting to!
-Al Tyas,
DC Metro Area Ghost Watchers (DCMAG)

To read more click on this link:

I collect antiques myself, but I think I will ask questions of the buyer when doing so. I definitely would not like an uninvited house guest. I have been told threw out time that one person or another had had an item that their family member was very attached to. It was handed down to members of that family, but it also apparently brought grandpa with it. Is it possible that our loved ones loved their items so much they are not willing to leave them?

Do you have any stories you would like to share?

I would love to hear from you.

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