Where are the Ghosts?

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There are times patrons report hearing noises and there are times staff report they have seem something down the stacks.  There are times when a voice is heard that is not really there.  So you may ask “Where are the Ghosts?”  The answer I always give when asked is, “Ghosts do not appear on queue.”  As much as we would like a spirit to appear right when we want them to, it just doesn’t work that way.

Patrons ask me all the time if there is one special place in the library that they can sit at where things will happen.  That may work at some haunted locations, but not here.  I do not claim to be an expert in the paranormal but I do have some experience with spirits.  So for what it is worth my take on all of this is simple….I think that from time to time the conditions are right (weather, time of year, etc.)  our world and their world “bump” into each other.   So often we go for long spans of time without anything and then we will receive several reports all at once, so who knows.

Just like all other ghost hunters, paranormal groups, etc., we just do not have all the answers.  As for the staff here at the library we just gather information and record it in the Ghost Log to share with the public.  If you ask staff if the library is haunted you will get several different answers, yes, no, or maybe.  Some of the regular staff has had occurrences and others that have worked here for many years have had nothing.

One of the ladies that I work with often has said she thinks it is actually some of us on staff that are actually causing the occurrences’.  I suppose it is possible, but there were reports long before any of us in question join the SWCLS staff.  A few staff members have stated that during their lives there have been many spirits appear to them at different times of their lives.  We refer to them as “sensitive’s”.   So I guess you could say there may be many reasons for the happenings.  Many of the events actually happen when a few of us are around more than not.

This brings up a whole other question, “Are the ghosts drawn to certain people more than others?”

Tune in next time for more info on this question.

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