Ghost Log 2008

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2/12/2008 8:15 am C.H.(Staff)

She was back towards Y. A. area and heard a sound like “hu-hum”.  As if someone was clearing their throat.  No one was there.

2/20/2008 8:25 am Micki (Staff)

I was reading shelves early before anyone else, but maintenance comes in.  I was in the fiction area and heard what sounded like “hu-hum” or someone clearing their throat.  I was sure it was Gary (Maintenance) pulling a prank.  I whispered “Gary knock it off”.  No answer.  A few minutes later I heard it again.  I got up and looked around.  No one was even close to where I was.  About a couple of minutes later I heard a rustling sound.  I immediately thought of the “swishy skirt” that has been heard before.  I looked around again.  No one was there.

April 1, 2008 Patron

Patron said he hear noises in the Men’s Room.  No one but him was in there at the time.  I asked if this was an April Fools joke, he said no.(?)

Carla said she has been smelling perfume and “getting that feeling” again.

Ellie and Tag group was out by the garage painting and could feel something.  Ellie thought someone was behind her and she turned and no one was there, but she noticed one of the girls was doing the same thing.  She asked her and she said she had just felt like someone was watching her too.

April 2, 2008 Joyce

Reported hearing voices again before the rest of staff arrived.  The only persons in the building at that time of day are the custodian and the maintenance man.

April 3, 2008 Patron Report (mg reporting)

The same patron that previously saw the “little girl” reported she was “creeped out”.  She said she had been in many times since the “little girl sighting” and there was nothing to report.  She went into the Ladies Room and the hair on her neck went up.  She asked if there was anything different going on lately.  I could not think of anything that would make her feel that way.

April 14, 2008 Micki (Staff)

I was coming back from lunch and as I started down the stairs in front of the library I heard a “boy” crying.  I guessed about 10 years old, not a baby or toddler.  I of course looked to see if someone was hurt, but I could not find anyone.

Several staff members reported smelling lavender or perfume by the mailboxes in the back.  There was a Christmas ornament with a candle in the area, but after investigating, the staff said this was not remotely close to the fragrance they smelt.

Ellie reports smelling lilies for the past week.

April 18, 2008

We had a Poetry Jam at the Sweetwater County Library on the evening of the 18th of April. After the show was over, there were several volunteers helping clean up. A man approached me and asked if there was another librarian working that he hadn’t met yet. I assumed he meant during the day and asked what she looked like. He began to describe her as having black curly hair that was styled kind of high up on her head and he said she wore glasses. Well I was stumped and asked if she had worked earlier that day. He said, “No, right now. I just saw her.” I said, “Wait a minute; you JUST saw her? There are no other librarians working tonight. Was she a real woman or a ghost woman?” He said, “I don’t know, that’s why I asked.” I said, “Where did you see her? Show me!”

Well we put a lot of the items that we do not need in the back hallway and this guy had been back there alone retrieving some of it. There was a light on under the stairs, however the light in the stairwell was off and it was there on the landing in the darker part of the stairwell at the top of the bottom flight of stairs that he saw her. He said she was so solid he thought she was real and that she wore a long white dress and just held eye contact with him for a couple of minutes and then smiled at him and went upstairs. Later we turned on the light and he noticed the picture of our first librarian in Green River that hangs in the stairwell there and said that the woman he saw looked just like her, however her hair was styled different. There was definitely a presence in that area, for right as he showed me where he saw her, the hair on my arms stood up. I almost ALWAYS feel a presence there and on this night it was VERY strong! Extremely cool!!!

May 7, 2008 Micki (Staff)

I was in the public Ladies Room, first stall.  I heard what sounded like a flip-flop hitting the floor.  You know, like someone was putting their foot down.  Then it got quiet.  I had a strange feeling and the hair on the back of my head stood up.  I softly whispered “hello”, no answer.  I said it again, “hello” and suddenly there was a very loud slamming bang.  That got my attention.  I decided to go look and see if someone was there and was playing games.  There was no one.

July 3, 2008  Thursday Micki & other staff

As the staff was closing up for the holiday weekend, we had turned off the lights and were heading towards the door.  I heard an unusual sound that seemed to come from the Gallery area.  It was like a soft bang or thud, like a ball bouncing (?). The restrooms are in that area, but we had just checked them and no one was in either one.  I suddenly stopped and looked that way to see if I was missing something and the rest of the staff stopped also.  Carla apparently also heard or felt something.  I then heard a very low giggle, like a small child’s laugh.   Carla and I both got the chills and we all decided to leave.

July 15, 2008 Staff Member 6pm

Heard voices, low and muffled.  She looked around no one was there.

9/24/2008 Staff LJ, BK & LB

They were up in the Staff Lounge.  All doors were closed and the restroom door began shaking back and forth.  This is a very heavy door.  No explanation was found.

10/25/2008 J. J. Patron

During the annual Ghost Walk, I was helping to bring up the rear of the tour groups.  We walked 3 groups through and nothing was amiss during all the tours (that I could tell, anyway) except for a few wayward wanderers that kept veering away from the group to check out rooms that the tour had just gone through.  The last group had just come down the stairs and were filing through the hallway leading into the librarians office.  There were 5 or 6 of us left in the hallway, which was completely dark, when I heard fast, heavy footsteps going back upstairs.  Figuring it was another wayward tourist, I sent Nick upstairs to bring them back. He reported from the top of the stairs that there was no one up there.  I looked at the others and asked if they, too, had heard the steps and with wide eyes they all said they had.  Just as Nick was rejoining us, a waft of what smelled like vanilla pipe tobacco hit us from the direction of the stairs. So we got the heck outta there!  Later, Ellie said she smelled vanilla in the back of the Multi-purpose room, with connects to the hallway at the foot of the stirs, where the door stood open.  SPOOKY!

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