Ghost Walk Reports from Patrons

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October 30, 2009

Reports are listed alphabetically by last name.

If no last name is listed they are listed alphabetically by the first name.


I went to the boy’s bathroom and while I was using the restroom I heard a loud “WHISH” and it sounded like the toilet next to me, but nobody else was in the bathroom. When Ellie was talking about sometimes seeing the entrance to the girl’s bathroom open, I saw the door open about 10 inches and stay open at least for 2 seconds and then close.


#1: Well I was about to go down the stairs when I saw a little boy at the top then he just disappeared.

#2: We were headed into the lounge and I got a really sick feeling in my stomach followed by a dizzy feeling.


#1: I was in the doorway that Ellie doesn’t like to go in and I felt a rush of cold air on my hand like something was passing me.  There was nothing there but after it passed it wasn’t cold any more.  So that doesn’t usually happen.

#2: We were right next to the Ladies bathroom.  Ellie swears she didn’t touch the door and it swung open.

BM: When I was on the Ghost Walk I was in the bathroom and I was the only one in there and as I came out to wash my hands the lights went off and I felt as if there were people standing around me as I was trying to feel my way out.  There wasn’t a possible way for someone to open the door and turn off the lights without me noticing them.  It was a very cool and strange experience.

As I was on the Ghost Walk through out it I felt as if someone was squeezing my wrist.  I also saw various shadows on the staircase and down the hallway.


On Ellie’s tour in the ladies room when they asked the spirits “Is anyone here?”  I heard whispering.  When I heard it played back the whispering said “Gretchen” plain as day.  In the upstairs hall the smell of chemicals made me queasy.


I was up in the lounge when my phone began vibrating and I hadn’t gotten a text or call or anything.  My screen on my phone was blank except for my wallpaper.


When we were in the girl’s bathroom, my girlfriend asked if there was a girl in here.  I heard something whispering and then we listened to the recorder and heard a voice say “Gretchen”. When we were in the upstairs room I heard some creaking and my girlfriend heard the same thing.


EVP #1: In the bathroom at around 9 pm and EVP was recorded.   Asked if there was a little girl who wanted to speak and an entity responds with the name “Gretchen” in a low whisper like voice.  The more I listen to this voice it’s hard for me to distinguish whether or not it is a voice or just scattered background noise from the other people in the room.  Hopefully further analysis on this recording will help us to make a proven decision.  I would really love to know if this is a spirit person, or a name that I chose to hear subconsciously because I really wanted to catch something.  But then others seemed to have heard the name too.

At around 10:30 pm we were getting ready to walk into the downstairs office when the fax/printer machine turned on all by itself.  I don’t know if it was a fax machine or a printer but the paper was going in it.  At the same time or maybe 2 minutes later a girl, about 5 feet behind me, at the other fax machine said that the fax started dialing numbers.  At around 10:45 pm we all decided to use the electromagnetic detector to communicate with any entity in the room since it appeared to be so active.

EVP #2: Not only did we get hits on the device 2 times because it lit up when we asked the spirit to come close to it (which was amazing because we set it on the ground and there was no fluctuation on it until we asked the entity to come towards or step on the device)but I also got an EVP of a man saying “I’m sorry” after one of the women in our group tries to get an entity to light up the device by saying “the device won’t hurt you at all, we are just trying to record your presence”…..”I’M SORRY”.  I do believe I caught other EVPs in this recording but with so many people in the room it is hard to be sure.

EVP #3: In another recording around 10:45 pm our tour guide asks if the entity wants us to stay and it responds with “YES…SORRY”.  This was in the downstairs office.

EVP #4: At around 9:45 on my first tour in the downstairs office I was next to our tour guide when she said “Alright everyone move in here, hmmm…”YOU JUST…I just don’t like to have my back all the way”  This EVP is clearly of a man saying “YOU JUST”.  Also the tour guide is nervous about the hallway and just before she says, “Did you hear that?” the audio goes fuzzy as if an interference.  Maybe there is something there that I can’t hear.

EVP # 5: She says “this hallway gives me the creeps” and then about 5 seconds after I can hear either a whistle or a scream, not sure what it is but I doubt it was any living person in the room.  At around 11pm we were all upstairs in the break room and this was when I felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable and jumpy.  Like someone was standing right behind me.

EVP #6: I began recording and after our tour guide thanks the spirits for communicating with us a male spirit responds with “Thanks”.  Also I believe that I caught other EVPs but again, it is hard to tell because there are so many people in the room.  I can say that there are times during recording when the audio goes fuzzy or cuts out which I do think is an entity trying to communicate.  This usually happens when a lot of people are talking.  The audio will be crystal clear, and then all of a sudden go fuzzy or seems to be interference.

EVP #7: At around 11:15 pm I asked my boyfriend to go to the girl’s bathroom to do an EVP session by him self.  HE asks ‘Are you by yourself” and 5 seconds later a little girl’s voice is heard.  I can’t tell if she is saying “somebody help me”, or something and then “mommy”, “I want my mommy”.

T and T:

We were upstairs in the staff lounge looking down into the book section.  We were looking around the middle when we saw a light from the computer flickering on and off.  Then all of the sudden it stops.


I got an EVP on his phone while going up the back stairs.  It sounds to us like a man’s voice saying “just keep walking”.

EVPs will be coming soon!

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