The Raven, A Messenger

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Not long ago, a friend told the most amazing story. She and her husband were visiting Yellowstone National Park. You know stopping at all the great sites, taking pictures, just enjoying the time with nature.

It seems at one particular spot they and a few other nature lovers were stopped to take a break. They all noticed a group of very large ravens. They did not seem to be threatened by the humans with their cameras sticking to their faces, so they all stopped and watched. One large bird seemed to be posing for the pictures. He turned one way and then the other.

My friend who is a huge animal lover began to call to him. He seemed to call back. Other tourists were watching and they apparently were intrigued by what they were seeing. Everyone seemed to stop what they were doing and watched as my friend and her new pal seemed to carry on a conversation.

Here is the astonishing part, the huge raven suddenly turned his head and plucked a large black feather from his side and dropped in front of my friend. As the others watched she slowly picked it up and thanked him for the gift. He seemed to answer her back. The people watching were amazed at what they had just witnesses. They expressed to my friend that had they not been there to witness this communication between species that they surely would not have believed it. Wouldn’t we all love to know what was said? Every time I hear her tell her amazing story it gives me chills.

It seems that from time to time our furry or feathered friends truly try to communicate in whatever way they can. We should all pay closer attention when animals are around and see if they are just hanging around or are there to share some great message. We might be surprised.

Most of the people that I know feel that animals have a spirit if not the same as ours, at least similar. If this is the case then we are all brothers and sisters of the earth. I think we all should take a little time to see what they might be trying to share with us. Native Americans always seemed to know this. Maybe it is time we all pay a little more attention.

(Special thanks to Carla for sharing this story and picture.)

If you have a story to share please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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