MLB Players Claim the Milwaukee Pfisher Hotel is Haunted.

December 15, 2009 on 2:26 pm | In Article | No Comments

Somewhere out there are others of our kind, seekers of the paranormal, hunters of the unknown. But mostly there are just regular people looking for answers. People from all walks of life are wondering what they heard, what they saw, and was it real?

Even the famous and well known have encounters. Well here is a little something I ran across today.

On YouTube you will find several links to reports of the ghostly kind involving MLB players keeping baseball bats in their hotel rooms at night. Mike Cameron of the Milwaukee Brewers reports “There is a creepy feeling when staying there” during a CNN News interview. Also Brendan Ryan of the St. Louis Cardinals states “There a strange light that pasted through the room, very strange, the room got a little chillier. “ Ball Clubs and players state that the hotel is first class, but things happen.”

Many of us can agree that old buildings hotels or otherwise have their share of creeks and noises. But there is something different when you are laying in bed at night a light moves threw your room or the decorative chains start to rattle. Where is my baseball bat!

MLB (Major League Baseball) Players Claim the Milwaukee Pfisher Hotel is Haunted courtesy of You Tube.


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