Pets and the Paranormal

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Have you ever been sitting watching TV and Fido starts to act strange?  He starts to look in the corner or at the foot of the bed and begins to whine.  Does Snowball watch the ceiling and seem to react to well …nothing?  Sound familiar?

Many years ago a friend was house sitting her sisters’ home while they were out of town.  The friend and her husband stopped by the sisters’ house to check things out.  The home owner had left the back light on the kitchen stove for security reasons.  As my friend and her husband checked the house and were getting into their car to leave, he looked up and saw a man in the window watching them.  The only problem was he was see-threw!  They could she him and the stove light at the same time.  They left and called the sister.

The sister then retold a story about how her golden retriever had been acting totally odd and kept watching the corner ceiling of the hallway.  He would react as if someone was calling him.    And at one point the dog began whine and pace the hallway.  She called her husband home from work and they could never find anything in the house or attic.  After they returned home from their trip, they shared with my friend and her husband the fact that they had had many events happen that they had not wanted to tell anyone about.

Just today a co-worker told me that her little dog had been acting strange.  He was continually watching the bathroom.  She said it gave her the feeling that he was expecting someone to walk out.  He would watch and whine a bit.  She is a person that is very open or sensitive to spirits and seems to have a lot of contact.

I am sure many of you have similar stories of pets that would just act so odd.  They seem to be watching something or reacting to someone that wasn’t really there.  The experts tell us that animals are totally sensitive to the paranormal, just like they are more in-tune with nature.  Animals seem to sense earthquakes and environmental changes much quicker than we do, so why wouldn’t they sense anything else easier or quicker.

Cats are creatures of mystery.  Somehow we do not understand them as well as dogs it seems.  I have heard countless stories about cats that hiss for no reason while staring directly “at something”.

There is a story of a rabbit also that was its cage and started backing up to the corner for no reason at all.  After a while it was fine and then suddenly it rapidly started backing up again.  The owner had never seen the rabbit do this before or since.  This is all unusual to say the least.

If you have a pet story to share please send it in.  I am always fascinated by animals and their unexplained reactions to “things”.

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