Ghost Log 2001 and 2002

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1/03/2001 to 1/06/1001   Several times the “smell” that the ghosts leave, was smelt in the back by the Moose Room, the Circ Desk and the Multi-Purpose room.  No reason for the smell was found.  1/27/2001 H.H. (Staff)   Cash register stated making noises as if someone was ringing up a sale.   2/20/2001 MM (Staff)   Cash register started clicking.  No one touch it.  Several times the security gate has gone off by itself, when no one was even close.  The Children’s Department Librarians computer will drop programs and not work correctly with no explanation.  A new computer was installed and the problems persisted.  Occasionally a very bad smell will be found and we can not find the source.  





7/2002   A husband and wife came in to use the computers.  The wife went to the restroom (lady’s room).  While in there she heard a “mournful cry” by a woman.  She felt sorry for the woman, but did not want to intrude.  After a time the crying stopped.  No one came out.  She checked under the stall doors and saw no one was there.  The crying stated again so she left the restroom.  She told no one for a time and later when she did, said she would ask a woman staff member to accompany her on her next trip into the ladies restroom.  


 9/2002 Micki (Staff)   Stated into the ladies room and I heard a sound like the toilet lid dropping.  I figured someone else was in the room.  I went about my business and it happened again while I was in the first stall.   It sounded like it came from the second or third stall from me.  I went to leave I noticed no one came out.  I looked under stalls, there was no one there.  I heard it one more time so I left.   Heard crying from a stall in the ladies room, but no one was there.  10/22/2002 A. F. (Patron)   Two weeks ago as I was checking out and ready to leave, the gate swung open ahead of me and the alarm went off.  The librarians and I checked everything and it wasn’t me or my books.  I went on my way.  As I have been driving around town after dark, every street light I’d go under shuts off!  Is the ghost in the car with me?  I hope that it has enjoyed it’s time away and is happy to be home!  We will see!  11/07/2002 C.H.(Staff)   I was alone downstairs reading the paper when I heard someone coming from the moose room toward the Circ desk.  It sounded like swishing skirts and got louder the closer it came.  Then the swishing stopped and the gate went off.    11/2002 Staff   A staff member was in the building alone and heard the sound of the cutting boards being used.  They know there was no one else was in the building, but the sounds continued for a half and hour.  The unnerved the staff member so they left the building.  ( They later said they actually saw the cutting arm on the cutting board moving).   11/20/2002 Micki (Staff)  11 am.    Heard whispering voices in the ladies room.     11/27/2002 S.G. (Staff)   She was in the ladies room, second stall.  She had checked to see if anyone was in the other stall and there was not.  As she was sitting, the lid to another toilet fell.  She checked to see if anyone else had come in and they had not.  She left auickly.

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