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Not long ago I was asked to speak to a small group during a meeting in regards to the history and reported unexplained ghost stories here at the library. The meeting was informal and the ladies were in a great mood, so it was fun for me as well. I must say I enjoy telling the reports and watching people’s reactions.

Every time I speak to a group or help with a presentation were we discuss the ghosts and the weird things that happen here, it amazes me how fast people can scare themselves silly. People are funny. Around Halloween each year we try to present a “Haunted Halloween” program to tell the public about the stories that are recorded. The programs are usually a huge success and the room is filled to the maximum. Very often you actually feel the difference in the room as the energy rises. Each time the stories become a bit scarier the feeling gets stronger. This is a very interesting phenomenon.

It has been suggested at times that the energy actually is what is causing the occurrences’ or at least may attract the spirits. I believe there may be truth in the later part. Could we be attracting ghosts? Do they play off our energy? Many of the experts suggest that spirits need energy to bring them selves forward. During a program would be the perfect time if this is true.

Several years ago the Library hosted its annual Halloween program. I was hoping to videotape the event for future use. We set-up the Multi-Purpose Room and I began checking my camera equipment. The night before I charged all three of the batteries I carry, so I would be able to move around the room and videotape. The event started around 6pm. As usual had a very large crowd and the room was full. I grabbed my camera and turned it on. It went dead. I checked the camera and I saw no problems. I put in another battery, dead. I tried the third, dead. I couldn’t believe it. I quickly plugged in the adaptor. This was the only way I was able to videotape the event. We all thought it to be very strange.

Many investigators will claim that ’spirits’ have drained the electrical charge from their batteries in order to come up with the energy to manifest them selves. I am no expert, but this seemed very unusual. I have since wondered it this is why lights are said to flicker when spirits are supposed to be around.

The bottom line is that the verdict is still out. There is no hard evidence that I am aware of, but I find it intriguing. Many times when there is high energy or young people (I would like to bottle their energy) there seems to be more activity. It is curious to say the least.

What do you think?

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