Is It A Ghost?

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micki-ellie-swcl.jpgIn May of 2007, a woman came to the library. She introduced herself as Linda and she had come from California. It was her goal to take a solitaire journey in search of the unexplained. Linda was a very nice woman with strong beliefs in ghosts and the unexplained. Fellow-staff member Ellie and I were working that evening and we agreed to answer her questions about the library. We had a lengthy conversation about the Ghost Log and the history of the library being built on the site of the former City Cemetery. We allowed her to take pictures around the library (excluding patrons of course.) We exchanged contact information and she went on her way.

From: Linda
To: Sweetwater County Library
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007

Subject: Linda from Torrance, CA

Hi Ellie and Micki,

Thank you both so much for your hospitality during my visit to your library on 5/8 and 5/9. I really enjoyed your stories and greatly appreciate the time you spent with me. I got my photos developed and found just one very strange picture! I was very careful not to get stray people in the shots, so I was very unnerved to find a man in one of the photos. It is rather comical, this figure. Please let me know if there is perhaps a cardboard cut-out of a man at desk-level, as you are facing the moose head, with the white sofa back to your left, and facing the table with the blue chairs. I don’t know how I could possibly have missed seeing such a bizarre cut-out. The head of the man is life-sized, by the way.

I eagerly await your


To: Sweetwater County Library Date: Wed, 23 May 2007
Subject: Re: Linda from Torrance, CA

Micki and Ellie,

Yeah, too bad I didn’t get one ghostly image on film, but when a friend of mine put together that the image looked like Jack Black, and I saw a picture of Nacho Libre, I laughed my head off !!! It still cracks me up!

The weather worked out great, and the whole
solo trip was awesome. Can’t wait to do the next one!

Sweetwater Co Library wrote;

Yes we do have a cut-out of Jack Black as “Nacho Libre”.
Sorry. I hope your trip was a good one.


nacho-libra.jpg nacho-libre-2.jpg

Well to quote Paul Harvey “Here is the Rest of the Story”. Some time back one of the staff brought in a cardboard cut-out of “Nacho Libre”, aka Jack Black. It had been placed in the Young Adult area. This was what she had spied peaking out over the table. Linda, Ellie and I sure had a good laugh over this one.

Hello Linda, Thanks for sharing this with us. Stop back by anytime.
We are still having some activity.

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