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The Sweetwater County Library has been the subject of several books, newspaper articles and radio shows. The Green River Star newspaper usually runs a little something about reported “Haunted Library” at least once a year around Halloween. Ghost stories always seem to be of great interest.

In 1989 Debra Dunn wrote Ghosts on the Range, which has an excerpt about the library. The books fly off the shelves (not literally). As a librarian, I have notice that the copies we have never stay on the shelves long. Unfortunately we have several copies that are missing and a couple that have never been returned. This is very upsetting. There are so many people out there that want to read this book. We try hard to have multiple copies able, but the book is now out of print.
Ghosts on the Range: Eerie True Tales of Wyoming by Debra D. Munn (Paperback – Aug 1989)

There is a bit of good news. Debra Munn has revised her book and the new version is called Wyoming Ghost Stories. This is a reconstructed version, slightly different than her first. I previously included the excerpts from her first book and hope you will take the time to read either of the versions. That’s to Ms. Munn for her work.

Another book which includes briefly the hauntings at the Sweetwater County Library is Wyoming Curiosities by Dina Mishev. Ms. Mishev writes about all types of odd and interesting things around and about Wyoming.
Wyoming Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff (Curiosities Series) by Dina Mishev (Paperback – Jul 1, 2007)

In 2007 I received a phone call from the Jackson Hole, Wyoming radio station KZ95 KZJH Jackson Hole Radio. I spoke with Brain Karre, who has his own radio show Brian Karre Morning. The radio station did a Halloween bit on the top 10 haunted places in Wyoming. Take a listen: and click on

 Clip D The Sweetwater County Library – Green River


Thanks to Brian Karre and Jackson Hole Radio. We appreciate their interest.I hope that the media continues to report on the happenings at the library. I find that as long as people are curious and there is something to be reported, the interest will be there. If you have any questions or would like to report a sighting, please contact me at : or leave a comment.


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  1. Do you do this every year or is this a one time thing?

    Comment by Greg — August 23, 2008 #

  2. This was a one time thing. Brian Karre’s was good enough to contact me and do the interview. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Comment by Micki — August 23, 2008 #

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