Russell and Mary Conley Ghost Walk Report

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December 26, 2020
Ghost Investigation, Sweetwater County Library, Green River

Ghost Crew Members Attending:  Mary Conley, Russell Conley and Megan McComas

GR High School Crew Members Attending:  Riley Roberts, Araya Finley, Anthony Bartoletta, Devin Bobbitt, and Cole Gilmore


Ghost Crew Members and the High School members met before the actual investigation date on Thursday, December 24, 2020 at the Conley residence. We met with the young men and went over our investigation rules and sanitation rules for the library. Russell and I showed them some extra equipment that we own and offered to bring it to the investigation for them to use. We had them take the Waiver of Responsibility home so that they and their parents could sign, as each young man was under 18 years of age.  We agreed to meet at the Library at 7:00pm on Saturday, December 26, 2020.


Russell Conley, Megan McComas and myself met at the Library at 6:00pm on Saturday, December 26th, to get our equipment set up and do a quick walk through of the Library to let the spirits know who was going to be there.  The GR High School Crew Members arrived at 7:00pm as agreed.


Russell did a walk through of our equipment and allowed the young men to choose what they wanted to use, along with their own equipment that they brought with them. We also went over again the rules of investigating at the Library, the main rules being no provocation of the spirits and to be respectful.  I did the White Light of Protection prayer for us. The young men started their actual investigation at 7:30pm.


We allowed them to walk through the Youth section, Stacks, Children’s section, foyer and bathrooms as a group. We took turns shadowing them, staying out of their way and allowing them to investigate, available to answer questions if needed.  Russell went with them into the bathrooms. Megan and I were sitting in our staging area, at the computers. While we were sitting, I turned on an Ovulus app on my phone and we received some activity.  The name Hannah came up twice (Hannah is another member of the Ghost Walk Crew and lives close to the library). Uncle and Tom came up and then Megan’s name crossed the screen. Megan does have an Uncle Tom who has passed. We were excited to see those words as they had relevance to us.


We then took the young men upstairs to the Staff Lounge and bathroom and tried to interact with the spirits there. They did pick up several stick figures on the SLS camera in the Lounge. After spending some time there, we walked down to the Garage and allowed them to investigate there.  All three members of the Ghost Walk Crew were with them upstairs as well as down in the Garage.  Stick figures were also found in the Garage on the SLS Camera. After investigating in the garage, we returned to our Base at the computers.  Megan McComas left the library at this time. The young men went around the stacks one more time and then ended their investigation.  We cleaned the area we were in and loaded up our equipment back into our vehicle. We left the library at 10:15pm.

Additional information from Megan McComas

  1. When the boys started walking around the library, Mary, Russell, and I stayed over by the computers to let them do their investigation without interruption. We talked, and Russell was playing with temp reader and commented that I was on fire and my hands were super-hot; I felt hot too, which is strange; I always feel cold. About five minutes later, I suddenly got super cold. Mary grabbed the Temp reader, pointed it at me, and said that I was now reading around 76 degrees and my hands were blue. Mary then asked whatever made me cold to take a step back, and it instantly got hot again. The Temp reader, which had a full charge, died. Mary plugged it back in.
  2. We joined the boys to go upstairs into the employee lounge and got serious action on the REM pod. I started saying names to see who was with us and got the answer that Cowboy was sitting with us. He played with the REM pod for a good 15 minutes.
  3. Russell was sitting in the chair in the corner by the windows when he said that he saw someone peeking in the room from the hallway. He got up and looked around but could not see anything.
  4. As we were sitting there speaking with Cowboy, we heard singing in the hallway and a woman’s voice. One of the boys might have picked this up as he was sitting in the doorway with his camera recording.
  5. We decided to go downstairs into the garage as we have not been down there for some time during an investigation. Mary and I stayed up in the room leading the garage while Russell and the boys were in the garage; I was standing in the doorway and Mary on the platform as the REM pod was going off when something blew on my left ear, freaking me out.
  6. After we got done with the garage, we went back to the computers, and the boys decided that they wanted to investigate more and went back to the bathroom area. Mary was playing a ghost app on her phone when it said “Hannah,” Mary told them that Hannah was not here tonight but hoped she would be back for more walks in the future. The voice box then said my name, and I asked who I was speaking to when it said “Tom” trying to figure out who Tom was, I wondered if it was my great uncle, whom I never knew, and it replied Uncle. My dad, who was very close to Uncle Tommy, had just pulled up when it said, “Being Here.”


I contacted Riley Roberts on January 10, 2021, to see if they had gone through the evidence yet. As of 1/23/21, they have not completed their assessment of the evidence. I will continue to check with Riley about it, but I do know it can be a long process to sift through the hours of videos and recordings.  I will report more if any evidence is found.


Respectfully Submitted 1/23/2021

Mary A. Conley



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