Ghost Walk Crew Member Megan McComas 2020 Report

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Ghost Walk Crew Report 2020

Megan McComas

October 10, 2020 – Practice Walk Events

  1. I was poked in the upper left arm by the bookshelf that holds the first library’s books. It did scare me but looking back, I do not feel it was ill intent but more of a letting me know that they were there. I did form two bruises but did not notice the second one higher up on my arm until the next day.
  2. We spoke with a new spirit up in the employee lounge, named Walter. We gained a bit of information from him:
    1. He often said, “Pray West” after doing some research, I found that the Lakota Native American tribe prays to four directions, with the west standing for the end of life as the sun sets, and the day ends in the direction. I am now curious to know if we had Lakota people here when the cemetery was at the library.
    2. We got the name Walter from Mary’s voice box and Cindy’s pendulum.
    3. He limps due to an accident where the name “Edward came up as the possible person who caused this accident.
    4. Walter worked on the River and took the ice to the icehouse. These answers we got from the pendulum.
    5. He also mentioned “Cement” and “Sign,” and Tiffany brought up that he might be talking about the project she is trying to get going to mark the mass graves in the new cemetery. While she told us this information, the voice box said “southern,” leading us to believe his body might be buried in the new cemetery’s southern side.
    6. We played around with ages and got that he is around the age of 12.
    7. We spoke about siblings and got that he had one; again, playing with ages, we got an age of 9; the voice box then said: “Raymond,” leading us to believe this might be his sibling’s name.
    8. Walter mentioned “truck” on the voice box several times, but we could not get it figured out if the truck has something to do with the accident that led to his limp or death.
  3. Cindy used the REM pod in the Men’s bathroom and got a huge hit!
  4. The Men’s bathroom’s spirit asked that Russell leave, and once he did, the REM pod started going off even more.

October 17, 2020 – Ghost Walks Events (Regular Ghost Walk)

  1. When speaking in the YA section, Tiffany got shushed; we think it might have been from Michael. I feel like I can hear it saying something before or/and after the shush but cannot make it out.
  2. I felt something touching my legs in the employee lounge, but we could not get photos or any answers to who it could have been.
  3. Sami and Cindy went and did pictures and EVP’s in the bathrooms before the walks and caught orbs in the women’s restroom.


October 24, 2020 -Ghost Walk Events (Regular Ghost Walk)

  1. I picked up during the first walk Micki telling a story in the YA section being shushed. Could it be Michael again?
  2. I also caught anything unexplained sound on my video; I said the word “right?” and then a strange sound came across.
  3. During the second walk, the words “Elk” and “Heart” came up on the voice box; Cindy thought it might be talking about her hunting for elk this season, but later messaged the group that she was born in Elkhart, Kansas.
  4. Again, I felt my legs being touched in the employee lounge, but we could not get photos or evidence of who it was.

December 26, 2020 – Teenagers Investigation Events (Private Ghost Walk)

  1. When the boys started walking around the library, Mary, Russell, and I stayed over by the computers to let them do their investigation without interruption. We talked, and Russell was playing with temp reader and commented that I was on fire and my hands were super-hot; I felt hot too, which is strange; I always feel cold. About five minutes later, I suddenly got super cold. Mary grabbed the Temp reader, pointed it at me, and said that I was now reading around 76 degrees and my hands were blue. Mary then asked whatever made me cold to take a step back, and it instantly got hot again. The Temp reader, which had a full charge, died. Mary plugged it back in.
  2. We joined the boys to go upstairs into the employee lounge and got serious action on the REM pod. I started saying names to see who was with us and got the answer that Cowboy was sitting with us. He played with the REM pod for a good 15 minutes.
  3. Russell was sitting in the chair in the corner by the windows when he said that he saw someone peeking in the room from the hallway. He got up and looked around but could not see anything.
  4. As we were sitting there speaking with Cowboy, we heard singing in the hallway and a woman’s voice. One of the boys might have picked this up as he was sitting in the doorway with his camera recording.
  5. We decided to go downstairs into the garage as we have not been down there for some time during an investigation. Mary and I stayed up in the room leading the garage while Russell and the boys were in the garage; I was standing in the doorway and Mary on the platform as the REM pod was going off when something blew on my left ear, freaking me out.
  6. After we got done with the garage, we went back to the computers, and the boys decided that they wanted to investigate more and went back to the bathroom area. Mary was playing a ghost app on her phone when it said “Hannah,” Mary told them that Hannah was not here tonight but hoped she would be back for more walks in the future. The voice box then said my name, and I asked who I was speaking to when it said “Tom” trying to figure out who Tom was, I wondered if it was my great uncle, whom I never knew, and it replied Uncle. My dad, who was very close to Uncle Tommy, had just pulled up when it said, “Being Here.”

I am still trying to get through all the videos I have for any more EVPs or sounds. I will post these in the group as I find them.

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