Are They Gone?

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Those of you that follow my blog, know I truly believe there are spirits here at the library. Sometime they are busy keeping us on our toes and other times it seems quiet. For a few months now, it seems they have decided to be very quiet.

Through all the years I have worked at the library, I have seen three full apparitions, heard countless unexplained noises or voices, felt a hand touch my arm, and seen shadows at play in the stacks and other areas, and much more. This has become part of my work.

Unless you have worked or lived in a haunted place, you will have no idea what I mean. Many times you see something out of the corner of your eye and then it is gone. It happens several times, but you find nothing. I think they like to watch us work and see what we are doing. Very rarely have I ever felt uncomfortable, but there have been a few unique visits.

Once while I was hard at work, I was at my desk and was diligently working on the computer. The next thing I knew, I felt there was the sense of someone very tall and large stepping behind me. I had chills from head to toe. I didn’t turn around, but I knew “he” was there. I had no doubt. You know the feeling you get when a person is behind you very close. This was how I felt. I was on a deadline for the work I was doing. I decided I had to take charge. I said out loud and very plain “I have work to do and I am on a dead line, I would appreciate it if you would let me finish my work”. Nothing. No change. I said it again and added “I know you are curious about what I am doing but you need to leave and let me finish”. Two minutes later, I felt a gradual lightening of the air and he was gone. I have never felt his presence since.

As I stated, it has been a bit quieter for several months. I does make you wonder if they left for Spring Break. I catch myself listening or looking just a bit to see if I am missing something. I seems they determine when and if they will visit.

I did however have one startling thing happen. Towards the end of February a staff member stopped by to ask the rest of us if we smelled smoke. We always check the building when this happens of course, but found nothing. She is not a believer in the paranormal. I seemed the smell moved and may have been following her. She walked from the Front Desk area threw the back room into the hallway. Just as she got into the hallway and to the bottom of the back staircase, I heard just to the side of my desk by the hallway door “Uh-hum Hello!). It was plain as day. It was a woman and older girl’s voice. I was so startled, my head whipped around to see who was there. There was no one. I heard this with my own ears. Unfortunately, no one else was in the room.

To answer my own question, “Are they gone?” I say no. I think as always, they choose when, where, and if they will pay us a visit. When you least expect it……………………..Boo.

*Photo by Leslie Lancaster/Lindsay Parks (dark figure in the stacks)

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