Ghosts of Christmas Past 2015

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Ghost Walks are done for the year. As I look back at all the tours my co-worker Bianca Jorgensen and I have worked this year I realize that we have been very busy. We have held regular walks, special private walks and of course our special holiday event Ghosts of Christmas Past.

This year’s Ghosts of Christmas Past event was very nice. Thanks to the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation for helping with funding which allowed us to hire the magician Elias Caress and his wonderful assistant. Elias is based in the Salt Lake City area. His specialty is magic and variety entertainment. Our Ghosts of Christmas Past is done with a nod to Charles Dicken’s and his work. Unbeknown to us, Charles Dickens was also a magician. Elias did some special research and brought with him a few tricks that were believed to have been performed by Dickens during some home entertainment. The patrons were excited to be part of the pre-show warm-ups. It is always fun to be baffled by a magician and then he offers to share the secrets. Wow. Everyone was very excited, but of course there is always a last minute trick. It was all great fun. Along with the wonderful entertainment we were also able to purchase beautiful glass mugs for each attendee to take home. It is always a pleasure to see the happy faces of the patrons during this event.

For more on Elias Caress please visit:

We would like to send out a special thank you to some of our Ghost Walk Volunteers for working the event with us. They not only help with the actual walk but they contributed to the decedent dessert samplers that we provide for the patrons. We greatly appreciate Tiffany Kennah, Kenedie Grant and Ursula Krentz for all they have done for us. The treats that they brought were yummy. The ladies come any time we need them. They have their own ghost hunting equipment and are very knowledgeable about thing paranormal. To top it off, they also are always willing to help set-up and take down tables, decorations, etc. What a crew!

If you have ever been to one of our events you may have met some of the volunteers. Along with these three ladies we also have several other volunteers Emily Beitel, Hannah Yeager, Kyle and Shalise Lamb, and Ian and Sami Doak. We are so lucky to have a group of dedicated assistants to work with. It makes our job so much easier.

We would also like to take this time to wish our patrons and everyone that has attended the 2015 Ghost Walks a very happy holiday season. May you’re the New Year also be all you wish it to be.

Happy Holidays!!

Ghosts of Christmas Past 2015









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