Ghost Walks an Introduction to the Paranormal

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We feel the Ghost Walks are an introduction to the paranormal. For many, this will be their first glimpse into an actual investigation. There are countless varieties and techniques to do an investigation, ours is just one of many. When doing a tour, we generally have around 20-25 patrons in each Ghost Walk. Because of this factor, you will find there are varying levels of expertise on the subject. From the novice to the expert, we never know what we will get. Many patrons come prepared to share stories and occasionally they bring evidence from previous walks.

We provide our own “ghost gadgets” for a few of the patrons to use. Our hope is that as many patrons as possible can have that first hand encounter. Those that have become more interested in the subject usually bring their own ghost gadgets to work with. You might see KIIs, EMF detectors, infrared cameras, ghost boxes, etc. Depending on the dedication (and budget) of the patrons, we see lots of interesting devices. Cameras and cell phones are the most common. Many patrons download ghost hunting applications (apps) to their cell phones just for these events. The most often used is the TAPS APP. It was created and made available by the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). The app contains a functioning Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) detector, a Geophone to sense the slightest vibrations, and a digital recorder for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Many apps are available online.

Different reports come to us from the attendees of their experiences during a Ghost Walk. We have yet to have a walk where nothing happens at all. There always seems to be some type of activity whether KII’s sound and light up or someone sees shadows in the stacks. It is always interesting and ever changing. In the last couple years several women have reported the feeling of a child taking their hand and walking along with them. This is usually women that are mothers. It seems that the children ghosts are able to tell which woman have children and which do not. One father also gave us the same report that he felt a child was walking with him. Two staff members reported seeing a young boy crouched down as if hiding during a walk and a young girl was spotted darting down the stacks on another. Tiny little lights have been known to move about the stacks. On rare occasions an attendee has reported they feel suddenly light headed and somewhat ill. I myself have had this happen once in the Ladies Room. It is a very disconcerting feeling. As soon as the person leaves the area it is gone.

I always like to make it clear that we do have activity here but I have never felt afraid. Yes, I have been startled or surprised, but in the 23 years I have worked here I have never felt unsafe. Some of the employees have never had any encounters and then there are those of us that seems to have the majority of activity. For me, I do not try to” block” nor do I “call them in”. If you do attend one of the walks, we ask that you keep an open mind and try to bring good and positive energy. It truly makes a difference.

For more information on the haunted library call or stop by the library.

*Photo of Senator John Hastert during a Ghost Walk.

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