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It has been said that the small children are more sensitive to the paranormal and have not learned to “block” what others have as they grow older. As reports come into us to be posted in the Ghost Log, we have noticed a few that stand out are those made by small children. Many reports come in. Somehow when a small child tells you they saw a something they didn’t quite understand you pay very closer attention. These are those reports.


Mean Face

9/15/2006 Patrons mother and daughter reported by Micki Gilmore

On September 15, 2006, a patron came to the Front Desk and reported to a staff member that her daughter had seen something. That staff member came to find me, and I went to talk to the woman and her daughter. We sat down and you could see they were both very uneasy. I asked what had happened. The mother said that she and her daughter had been in the library 10 days earlier, and that her daughter was in the Ladies restroom and was in the handicapped stall. She went in and saw there a “mean face” and came out to find her mother. I asked the little girl, who is about 7, to tell me just what she saw. She repeated just what her mother said. She would just say “I saw a mean face”.  I reassured the mother and daughter that we have never had anything bad happen here. We have had noises and things fall, the alarm gate would sound off, even heard a voice now and then, but nothing bad. I also told them if they ever felt scared or uncomfortable, please come and tell us. They have returned to the library since.

Man Goes Bye-Bye

August 2007 Carla Hardy, daughter Heather Hardy-Souther, and grandson Xander

The Head Librarian was Carla Hardy. She reported that her 3 year old grandson Xander had been in the library for a visit. As they walked over by the Youth Services desk Xander stopped and looked down along the stacks to the back of the library. He cocked his head one way then the other. All of the sudden he said “The man went bye-bye.” No one else saw a man in or around the area.

Man with No Legs

Feb. 27, 2010 Dee Ann Wilde (Staff) anonymous patron report

We were working the Saturday shift. I took a phone call from a patron, one of the Storytime moms. She said about a month ago she and her four year old daughter were in the Multi-Purpose Room alone either before or after Storytime. She said all of a sudden her daughter got a strange look on her face. The little girl said “He doesn’t have any legs.” The mother said she knew the girl was seeing something, she just wasn’t sure what. She had hesitated to come forward and tell us, but that her friends urged her to, so she did. She said they are coming back to Storytime.

Lady on the Stairs

March 7, 2012 Ellie Davis (staff) Anonymous patron report

I was in the library with my 4 year old son, and we were coming out of Storytime. My son walked up to Ellie and said “I don’t like that lady on the stairs, she is scary” he said. “What lady?” I asked, “a librarian?”, “No” he said, “she freaked me out.” I asked him what she did to freak him out and he said he didn’t know, she just really freaked him out. I asked him to show me where she was and he brought me to the stairs by the multi-purpose room and pointed up to the top. He said she wasn’t standing on the stairs, she was just on there. There was no one there. I asked if she was doing anything, but he said, no, she was just standing there and really freaked him out. He said she had glasses.

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