Do the Ghosts Like Change?

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Change is good right? Well, we will see. Shelves have been moved, books and other library items have been rearranged, lots and lots of changes are going on at the library. Unfortunately our building has once again shifted slightly and we are about to begin the process of re-stabilizing the areas that are in need. For various reasons the Sweetwater County Library has twice before had to have re-stabilizing done on the building. Due to soil conditions, an underground spring and the fact we are built on a hill, we are occasionally left with a few problems. Along with the building shift, we are also rearranging much of the library collection and changing the layout of staff desks and offices. If you have not been in for a while you might find much of the collection has a slightly new location.

Our spirits here do not always like our changes however. Simple things seem to upset them at times. In the past they have let us know they do not like it when “their” home is disturbed and activity usually increases. After many years of working in the building and watching the reaction to shifting and repairs I am on the watch for anything unusual. Later this month I have a professional ghost hunting team joining me for a private ghost hunt. I am not notifying them of the changes in the building or announcing to them my suspicions. I want them to come in and do their investigation just as they normally would. We have always found that less information in this case is better.

Activity in general has slowed somewhat. One of our employees left us for another job and she was a ghost magnet. I know as staff has come and gone, the spirits here do also react to us. This does not mean activity stops, it just changes for a time and usually will pick back up. I guess just like us they need time to adjust to shifts and changes in the environment around us. Last week I did have one incident. I was working the Reference Desk when I heard the sound of the metal cupboards in the second floor Staff Lounge closing. It is a distinctive sound. When I told my co-worker she seemed confused because there was no one upstairs and the doors were all locked. No one was in the area at all….well no one physical.

When I think of the ghosts, I always wish I knew more. Questions like “What are they really?”, “How they exist?”, and “What their time is like?” There are so many questions I would love answers to, as I am sure you would agree. This is why we ask questions while using the digital recorders and ghost box. We would like answers to the burning questions.

I will post any activity we may find after the repairs and relocating is done. It should be an interesting few months. Remember, we will be hosting a Ghost Walk on May 22. For more information please call the library at 307-875-3615.

Do you have any information you would like to share on the subject?

I would love to hear what my readers think.

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