2015 Ghost Walks Schedule

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The staff at the Sweetwater County Library are happy to announce the

2015 information for upcoming Ghost Walks.

Regular Ghost Walks

May 22nd              Tour #1: 9-10:30 pm       Tour #2: 11-12:30 pm     

Tickets on sale starting May 4th 9am

October 24th       Tour #1: 9-10:30 pm       Tour #2: 11-12:30 pm     

Tickets on sale starting Oct. 5th 9am

Ticket Price: $5.00 each                 Must be 15 yrs. old or older to attend.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

December 5th     Tour #1: 6 pm                    Tour #2: 9 pm

Ticket Price: Not yet set                                Must be 15 yrs. old or older to attend.


As you might have noticed there a few changes this year. The ticket price for the regular Ghost Walks will now be $5.00 each. There will only be two tours per night this year, but each tour will be one and a half hours long, instead of the hour long tour from before. If you have ever attended one of the Ghost Walks, you know how frustrating it is to have activity really begin to spike just as it is time to go home. By adding the additional time, we hope to give you the public a little longer to investigate.

Closer to winter we will announce more about the Ghosts of Christmas Past, but be sure to save the date. Tickets usually go on sale one month ahead of time.


Why attend a ghost walk you say? Are you a believer in the paranormal? Have you ever wondered if there is something else out there beyond death? Or are one of those people that just like a little scare? I have heard of these reasons stated during an investigation at one time or another.   So many people have totally different ideas of the paranormal and what it is.

For me, I work here. I walk in the doors every work day. I have never felt threatened. I have felt unnerved or unsure, but the spirits here seem to be benign. Through time we have begun to refer to the spirits in our building as “Casper like” as in Casper the Friendly ghost. This is not to say something may decide to be playful and pull a prank or pull at your shirt. We have many reports of tour attendees having “someone” tug on their clothes or even feel a small hand slip into theirs. We believe we have several small children spirits here and they tend to like the mother figures in the crowd.

Last winter we had an almost all male tour. It was pretty interesting to watch their reaction to things. I don’t believe many of them had ever been on a tour before. They reported having the women spirits coming through on digital devices and at least two smelled perfume. One man came to me after and mentioned that he felt a “female” had been following us all night. Each tour is unique, each tour is special. We never know what will or will not happen. It is all up to the ghosts.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, come join us this year for one of the Ghost Walks.

Sometimes seeing or hearing or feeling is believing.


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