“The Kids Want Me to Play”

April 30, 2009 on 4:18 pm | In Article | 1 Comment

Yesterday I was talking to a friend.   He mentioned that his little three year old daughter had been playing at one of their friends homes.  During this visit she walked to the stairs of the basement and said “I want to play with the kids”.  Her dad was confused and asked “what kids “(the friends had no kids).  The little girl said “the kids in the basement want to play with me”.  He said he had chills when it dawned on him just what she meant.

We have all heard stories of little children talking to “imaginary friends”.  So often they are discounted as a child’s imagination and then the child is sent off to play.  What if she did see a “spirit child”?  Do you tell them there is nothing there or do you teach them to ignore what they truly think they see?  Or do we listen to their stories and keep an open mind?

My take on this is to listen.  Through my life I have known many people that report seeing spirits since they were small.  Experts say children are such innocent souls, that spirits have a much easier time communicating with them.  For most of us, it might seem a bit creepy when a toddler seems to talk to an empty chair or looks into a basement and says something like “they want to play” or “do you see them daddy?”

I took a look at the TAPS Website (Atlantic Paranormal Society) to see what my favorite Ghost Hunters had to say.  Here is what the founder Jason Hawes reports:


To a child, anything is possible. Everything is real. Santa still comes down the chimney ever Christmas and the Easter Bunny still comes and brings them baskets every Easter. To a child, anything and everything is possible. They do see more then most for this fact. They have not been conditioned by society yet as to what is real and what is not. Over years they will be told, “Stop playing with your pretend friend Bobby” and this helps close them off to what they experience. We have done some investigations into this and the conclusions are outstanding.

For the rest of this article visit their website at:


What do you think?

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  1. This seems to be a favourite topic in tv shows and movies about the paranormal and I think with good reason. I believe that as we get older we get so hung up on ‘rational’ thought because we are conditioned to discredit emotional and psychological responses. I think children are more open to the world they live in and haven’t developed the same shame responses to experiences that fall outside the accepted norm. Therefore it makes perfect sense to me that they would pick up on things that elude adults and that spirits/ghosts would be more likely to approach them (especially if they are child spirits).

    Personally I would ask as many questions of a child as possible to find out what they are experiencing. Whether it’s imagination or not, that’s a harder question, but it could be a very interesting conversation nonetheless!

    Comment by Danielle — July 28, 2009 #

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