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During our time here at the library we have received various photos from the patrons. We appreciate it when others are willing to share their findings with us. Without you, we would not have the great collection of evidence that we now have.

Each bit of evidence we receive is looked at and gone through to the best of our ability. Photo are generally fairly dark because of the lack of lighting during a Ghost Walk. The guideline I use is “less is more”. The only editing I add to any photo sent in is lightening or darkening for better visibility of the object/spirit in question or cropping to allow a closer more detailed look. By keeping the editing to a minimum we are able to maintain the quality and crispness of the original photo.

I have several examples.

Kyle & Shalise Lamb 1 cropped girl










First is the “ghost girl” shared by Kyle and Shalise Lamb. The original photo was taken during the 2011 Ghost Walks. Once they were home perusing their photos they noticed a little someone peeking out from the new book display.

ghost walk 189.JPG  lightened














Second, is Lindsay Parks photo of the “dark shape” in the stacks. Her photo also was taken during a private Ghost Walk. Again, no one saw the shape during the event, but it was clear there was someone watching the activity at the time.














Third, is Paula Birrell’s photo dubbed “the man in the top hat”. During a 2010 Ghost Walk, she saw movement from the back of the library towards the Front Desk and snapped a photo. Boy are we glad she did.

Once the photos are sent to me I begin the task of checking for anything that seems wrong or Photo Shopped. I am not an expert but I always try to debunk what I can. Several times we have received snapshots of what seemed to be paranormal, but were nothing but shadows and light altering what was in view.

Although we do have several shots that have been proven to be non-paranormal, we ask the public to continue to share their findings. It seems, you the public/patrons are the ones that seem to get luck. Very rarely have staff been able to catch images of the ghosts among us. Your images can help to show the existence of spirits among us.

Please continue to share.

If you have evidence now or ever please feel free to send it my email to:

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