EVP #2

March 30, 2009 on 12:01 pm | In Article | 2 Comments

Here is the second of the EVPs recorded during the October 2008 Ghost Hunt with AAPI.

The report lists the separate voice as saying “Oh that’s the key to the  bathroom.”

Take a good listen. Remember when listening, to listen threw headphones and if possible in a quiet room. You will be able to hear much better.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. There are 19 sound clips in all. Some are clearer than others, but all seem to have something there that should not be.

Each clip has been prepared by AAPI by doing 4 or 5 separate audio clean-ups. As you listen you will hear the same clip in to 5 different ways.

0.08.00-0.08.10-Oh thats the key to the bathroom.


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  1. That’s weird, especially since the library does not have keys to the bathroom.

    Comment by Esmerelda Wippinhammer — March 30, 2009 #

  2. You are right. The EVPs are something to really think about. I was there for most of walk-through and I heard nothing with my own ears. Sometimes I wonder what else we might be missing.

    Comment by mgilmore — March 31, 2009 #

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