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You hear me rattle about the paranormal and what facts and information I do know.  What gets me excited is proof.  For 21 years I have gathered stories from staff and patrons alike, on their experiences here at the Sweetwater County Library.  The one thing that is the hardest to get but is the “cream-of-the-crop” are ghostly photos that have been captured in the building.

It does not happen often, but it does happen.  I have taken hundreds and hundreds of photos and have only gotten orbs. I am a sceptic when it comes to orbs. Most can be proven to be dust or bugs.  Rarely do I capture anything that I consider “the-real-deal”.  I have to mention, I did however see with my own eyes for the first time ever a white glowing orb.  It appeared the first week of June while I was sitting at the Reference Desk.  It suddenly formed about the size of a table tennis ball.  It happened so fast.  It formed and then dropped straight down into the floor.  I was in shock.  No, I did not get a photo, but I wanted to state for the record that I have actually seen a true orb.

We do have one photo of an orb that is unusual.  It is an orange orb.  There are others around it, but it definitely stands out.  It was taken during library program where a band was playing.  Random photos were being taken and the orange orb was caught.

Orange Orb Cropped











During a special educational ghost walk for a local business, again random photos were taken by the attendees.  One woman was shaken when she reviewed her photos and found a dark shape in the stacks.  We just call it the dark shape.  To some, it looks like a small boy with his legs up as if he is sitting.  Others just are not sure what they see.  What do you think?



ghost walk 189.JPG  lightened
















One of our regular volunteers that works with the ghost walk, is Hannah.  She has been a part of our group for many years and previously was part of SPIS or Sweetwater Paranormal Investigation Society.  During one of the investigations here at the library, Hannah took pictures looking down from the second floor.  She had noticed movement at the bottom of the stairs.  She was very excited and said she had captured a photo of a blue mist.  She did, but while I reviewed the photo I noticed a lady with long dark hair.  I asked her who that was.  She stated “What lady?”  There had been no other women in the building besides her.  The rest of the team were all men.














Do you have photos of ghosts at the library?  I am always happy to see others.  Some people are shy about bringing them in to me.  Please feel free.  If you do not want your name mentioned, no problem.  We try to gather as much information and as many photos as are available.   Please remember to share your stories and your evidence whether it be photos, audio, or video.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated!!


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  1. hello sir or maam. i have been a fan of people who are paranormal investigators, i live in green river wyoming.i would love to go on a lockdown in rock springs or here in green river to experience and try to understand things. as i look at the pictures one really stands out to me, its the boy sitting in the iaisle to me it looks like he is just sitting there thinking. when who ever took this picture did they do any type of reading or spirit box session to get this boy to communicate with them, or did they do a thermal right after they saw this immage. i would be willing to pay to sit in a lockdown at the library or any other areas in green river wyoming or rocksprings wyoming. if you could send me a email at

    Comment by scotty johnston — July 29, 2019 #

  2. The person that took the photo was not aware of the shadow boy until later when reviewing their photos.
    For anyone wishing to do an investigation, you will need to contact Lindsey Travis at Please note, not everyone is allow in. The library is very selective.

    Comment by mgilmore — October 29, 2019 #

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