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What is an orb? According to Ask.com, the term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography-sometimes with trails indicating motion-especially common with modern compact and ultra-compact digital cameras. Orbs are also sometimes called backscatter, orb backscatter, or near-camera reflection. The paranormal interpretations. Consistent with paraphernalia, Orb backscatter has been broadly interpreted as a highly variable range of supernatural paranormal phenomenon without verifiability -including invisible spirits, unexpected lights, auras, angles, ghosts, energy field, psycho-energetic artifacts, energy balls, etc.



Depending on which expert you ask or generally what you believe in, will depend on what perception you will have about orbs.  I see orbs as many things. Photos have been handed to me that shows many round unusual spheres that seem to not belong in the area they were captured. Is it a bug?  Is it camera flare?  Is it paranormal?  Depending on what you have caught and where can certainly make a difference.

One example is the SweetOrange Orb Croppedwater County Zombie Proms.  The Youth Services librarians hold a Zombie Prom each year at the library.  Patrons dress as zombies and just as it sounds, is a dance of sorts. Bands are brought in and a Zombie Walk takes place down our main street.  Almost every year the Zombie Walk happening, photos are taken.  In these photos are orbs, many, many orbs. The questions is asked each year, “Is this paranormal?”  Depending on who you ask, you get a different answer.  I personally think we have both energy orbs and paranormal.  The reason I state this I generally believe most of the orbs are from the extremely high energy brought in by the young people attending the prom.  But, with this said, we have also received a photo with an orange orb.  This has never happened before and it definitely stands out.  Usually orbs are white or light in color, why is this one orange?

s Orb


During our regular Ghost Walks many photos are taken.  Many interesting orbs are captured.  After comparing most of them with our expert friends, P. I. Team of Utah or U.R. O. P. A, it was determined that they are generally dust. We do however have a couple that may not seem so easy to debunk.




Ghost Walker 12.07.2013

At times some light anomalies have been shown and thought to be debunked by the experts, but our team still has questions as to the origin. Here is one example that the verdict is still out.  We think we see legs at the left and maybe part of a coat or skirt.


What do you make of the photos? I would love to see what your take it on the orbs shown.  If you have a great orb photo or input on orbs please share with us.

Thanks so much!

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