Hollywood and the Paranormal

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Dr. Caligari

What was the last paranormal movie you watched? Was it a documentary or for pleasure? For those of you that visit my blog often you know I work in a supposedly haunted library.  I see from time to time shadows, I hear voices, felt a touch, and recently heard my name spoken by someone when I was alone.  I have a little different view on what is portrayed as paranormal the Hollywood movies.

For me, it seems so much is played up to sell tickets.  I am not a big believer in many of the stories told by Hollywood even if they are touted as true. My bet is the stories used in Paranormal Witness are based on truth but have been enhanced greatly to become a strong draw for ticket sales. Too bad, I always find the real truth so much more interesting.

I like a good story just like the next person, but if I had a nickel for every time someone comes to the library asking if we see things like in “Paranormal Witness”.  For me the paranormal is fact.  I have encountered it myself and know it exists.  For the Sweetwater County Library, our stand is to tell the truth.  We try hard to debunk and weed out the embellishments.  Bottom line is, just tell it as it was reported and   leave out anything questionable.

In our culture today we so often enjoy a good scare.  Sometimes I wonder why.  Do we need a good jolt to our hearts and nerves to keep us feeling alive?  Do we have a need for the thrill?  Watching the public attend a Ghost Walk here at the library is interesting.  We see them come in overly excited at fist and all jazzed for the unknown.  Some just plain scare themselves.  Nothing has to happen to do this.  They are so sure something will jump out at them they seem to be on high-alert.

My point is simply this, please dismiss most of what Hollywood and the movies tell you about the paranormal.  If you have questions or need information contact the professionals or if you have trouble connecting with them please let me know.  I have several professional ghost hunting groups that I stay in touch with and I would be happy to help you contact them.

In the march/April 2013 TAPS Magazine, page 8, there is a few great quotes from Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Steve Gonsalves that seem to fit my thoughts well.

Jason Hawes “Whether it’s fear, sadness, or some other emotion, it’s the objective of most films to find those emotions within each viewer and push them to their maximum”

Grant Wilson “Hollywood seldom gets the paranormal right.  In fact, it almost never gets it right.  The demons are too over the top; the ghosts are too scary and angry; the activity is always too conveniently meaningful.  In reality, paranormal phenomenon is mostly sparse, confusing, and hard to track down. “

Steve Gonsalves “ The reality is that not all of them are true to life in terms of what paranormal investigators do, but they are fun none the less.”

Remember movies are entertainment.  When visiting the Sweetwater County Library Ghost Walks there will be no enhancements of any kind to the paranormal evidence you may encounter.

We are the real deal.

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