Am I a Ghost Magnet?

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“Am I a Ghost magnet”, don’t laugh, many people do when they heard this statement.  Some people very well may be. I have a friend that works here at the library that I always say is “a ghost magnet”.  What is a ghost magnet?  As far as we are concerned a ghost magnet is some that basically always seems to attract spirits.

Are you or do you know someone like this?

Because the library seems to have spirits around from time to time, one would expect to have activity.  But…..when certain people are around there definitely is an increase of reports.  So how does this work?  First of all, I am not a professional ghost hunter.  I am a librarian that gives ghost tours of our building.  With that said, after working here for 20 years, you do learn a few things.

During last year’s Beyond Reality Ghosts at the Stanley Hotel event, the renowned psychic Chip Coffee said it best.  “If you walked into a room of friendly people and not so friendly people who would you try to talk to?”  That made sense to us.  Of course you would try to approach the friendlier person.  As for the library we have several employees that seem to be just that.  I tease Ellie Davis often that we know she is, but Bianca Jorgensen is as well.  Ellie in turn reminds me that I am too.  It is funny, I don’t always think of myself as such, but I have to admit she must be right. All three of us are tour guides and all three of us seem to have activity.

For many years as I worked with my co-workers, several would never seem to have anything happen.  Sometimes they would wait and be so disappointed.  When something did happen most times one of the “magnets” seemed to be in the building.  For me logic would state that truth is in the evidence.  Who does the most happen to? One of us.  Who makes the most reports? One of us.  Who is open or friendly towards the spirits here? Us.

There are others to be sure.  Many reports are from patrons or the general public as well.  Little children occasionally tell stories to their mommies that they have seen a man with a top hat or a lady on the stairs.  Little children apparently are more open so they do not “block” and the spirits are able to be seen.

It is very hard to explain to someone that does not believe in ghosts/spirits that these things are real.  My husband for one is a non-believer.  He believes what I report to him and he trusts me, but he has doubts of what others tell him.  As I always say seeing/hearing/feeling is believing.

If you are like us, remember to keep an open mind.  Record what happens to you. I don’t know how it all works exactly, but I know it does happen.  For me this has been an unbelievable adventure. I have seen and hear things, been touched and I have seen shadows.  And once I saw a lady at the Front Desk of the library that others said was not there.


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  1. im a ghost magnet too. i can feel and sometimes i can see those spirits. spirits who die very fresh. I can be friends those spirits.

    Comment by West — May 3, 2015 #

  2. im just thinking now that we are a superhuman.
    i am a right?

    Comment by West — May 3, 2015 #

  3. Can you elaborate on your thoughts?

    Comment by mgilmore — May 4, 2015 #

  4. I think I might be a magnet to, i always seem to to weird things that I’m the only one to see and

    Comment by Claire — July 27, 2015 #

  5. My advice would be to try to contact one of the experts on this who might be able to help you more. I know it is very strange to deal with. PI Team of Utah and UROPA are two groups that I have recommended people to. They are both based in Utah. Each state has a TAPS affiliate, so if you are not in the Wyoming or Utah area you might try doing a search from the official TAPS website. If you need more contact information please let me know. Thanks for stopping by and Best of Luck!

    Comment by mgilmore — July 27, 2015 #

  6. Someone just told me, I was a Spirit Magnet. I was telling her during 4gt of July that something was knocking on my window as I was driving n I was out of state. Then a week later, inside my car my doors locked n my electric seat moved down! All this stuff is not new n I just talking to who ever is there. So, I’m wondering how could I use this ???? for the good of mankind:))

    Comment by Kelley ManyLightnings — August 6, 2017 #

  7. I would contact the professionals for more info. Try contacting PI Team of Utah. You can find their site online. Good Luck.

    Comment by mgilmore — June 23, 2018 #

  8. I have had many precognitions, shadow people sightings, seen many strange things, have had spirits come to my dreams and have asked me to talk to their loved ones. One wanted to know if she could come to her daughter in her dreams now, and wanted to know it is was ok, she didn’t want to hurt her daughter and upset her. So I asked her daughter if it were ok if she came and visited. Her daughter told me that she had not yet dreamt of her mother since her death a year earlier. and she of course said it was ok, and she actually had her first dream of her mother that very night. I have predicted everyone in my family’s death. And also got a visit from Steve Irwin, asking me to write his wife. I didn’t do that.I didn’t want this woman to think I was weird. But I know what I have is special and I thought for a long time I was a walking curse, until I talked to two paranormal Psychs telling me it was a gift. I also used to live in Germany, and I went and visited the concentration camps lets say I had a very bad day there. I picked up on many many sad and horrific energies. its a curse, especially the knowing when your loved one is going to go. I have an ailing daddy, so you can imagine my sadness right now.

    Comment by Jody — November 19, 2018 #

  9. I recommend if one thinks they attract…it will be of both teams. So dont start investigating. All ones that are REAL KNW…once that bottle is open YOU CAN NEVER HET THE GENIE BACK INSIDE.

    Comment by David Hammel — November 14, 2019 #

  10. I was in class and my first period was math. I felt a cold spot open where I was sitting as soon as I sat down and I was ‘cold’ for the whole hour (it sucked) I now feel dizzy, shakey, and have a headache. (btw I can also see, and communicate w/ ghosts/spirits and feel when they’re there) so yeah…..any thoughts?

    Comment by Alex — December 16, 2019 #

  11. I am always being told that I am a ghost magnet. I am able to talk too and feel the ghosts. I mostly attract the older one’s. My best friend’s/Ghost’s name is Jake.This is not his real name but I am using this for his privacy.

    Comment by Rylynn — January 21, 2020 #

  12. Thank you for your comment.
    It has been my experience that some people do seem to be more approachable for ghosts. I do not know exactly why.

    Comment by mgilmore — October 18, 2020 #

  13. Thank you for your comment.
    I find it helpful to journal all that happens. This way you can look back and see if there are possible links to what is happening. Best of luck.

    Comment by mgilmore — October 18, 2020 #

  14. Thank you for your comment.
    As I am not an expert in the field, I would suggest you try to contact Jason Hawes of Ghosts Nation or Chip Coffee, psychic medium. You should be able to contact them online. Best of luck.

    Comment by mgilmore — October 18, 2020 #

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