Night at the Museum with PI Team of Utah

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   Shannon Fetch, JOe Chin & Micki Gilmore (3)


Shannon Fetch, Ben Hansen & Micki GilmoreOn February 15th my friend Shannon Fetch and I were lucky enough to be asked to attend the Night at the Museum in Ogden, Utah.  The event was hosted by PI Team of Utah as a fund raiser for their good friend and team member that recently passed away.  Two well known celebrities in the ghost hunting world were in attendance Joe Chin of TAPS/Ghost Hunters and Ben Hansen of Fact or Faked. 

The event consisted of several presentations, a dinner and a ghost hunt in and around the old Union Station.  Both Joe Chin and Ben Hansen gave a talk about what they do and why they do it.  I found these to be very interesting.

Joe Chin is a member of the well known Ghost Hunters from the Syfy Channel and can be seen every Wednesday night.  Joe explained that he grew up with weird things happening in his life.  He always knew that there were strange thing in the house where he grew up.  He also talked about how he met Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of TAPS/Ghost Hunters.  He was working in a hardware store and they would come in all the time and buy unusual items.  They got to talking and soon he was invited to come along. 

Ben Hansen talked mostly about why we think we see faces in what may not be true faces and why our brain tries to rationalize what we think we see, hear, and feel.  Because Ben works with all things “unknown” his knowledge runs from ghosts, to Bigfoot, to aliens.  His grandfather reportedly worked for an Air Force base.  Ben and his father tried for years to get his grandfather to tell what he knew.  He would not, until he was on his deathbed.  He stated “We are not alone”.  Interesting for sure.  In the future it seems Ben may be working on other shows besides Fact or Faked and he may be behind the camera much more.

After the dinner everyone was broken up into smaller groups and taken on a ghost tour of the building and grounds.  There were eight locations in all.  Some of the reports they have received are scratching, pinching, seeing shadows and shadow people, and hearing voices. 

s Pinch Mark


I had an interesting/scary thing happen.  The group I was in was taking a break in what is known as the Gallery.  The hosts provided us with snacks and we stopped to drink some water and enjoy the goodies.  While I was sitting there drinking my water I felt a definite “pinch” on my chest.  It was one of those moments that you hurt enough to actually say out loud “ouch!”.  It occurred to me it might have been something like a spider bite, but I couldn’t see anything.  A little later on I could still feel it stinging.  We got busy continuing our tour and I forgot about it until the next morning.  As I stepped out of the shower and began to towel off I noticed a definite bruise where I felt the pain the night before.  Sure enough, I still have the bruise.  It was a strong enough “pinch” that after five days I still have the mark.   I am fine, but I will remain cautious when ghost hunting.

My friend Shannon Fetch and I would like to thank PI Team of Utah for including us in the event.

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