Ghosts of Christmas Past 2012 Ghost Walk by Micki Gilmore

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6pm Tour

As usual we started the tour in the Multi-purpose Room by giving a quick explanation of how things work, what devices we use and the tour rules.  I had everyone join me in the Prayer of White Light.  The tour started in the Ladies Room.  We had many hits on the KIIs and a patron said they felt a cold spot.  Something did seem to interact with us in there.

We moved on to the Gallery and as I began telling stories there someone did report hearing a noise that we could not figure out.  The KIIs continued to go off.  As we moved on to the Youth Services area I placed a ping-pong ball on the desk and began video recording.  We asked if “they” might make the ball move to no avail.  There were several KII hits again.  I was sitting at the desk and a woman behind me began getting a cold feeling and the EMF with the orange top sounded off. 

The group moved on towards the back of the library.  Just as I got to the spot where the tree stands I heard what sounded like a younger person running in the stacks.  I told the group to wait a minute and took off to see if I could see anything.  I could not find anything and the noise stopped.  When I got back to the group they said they also heard it and were very excited.  We continued on to the Young Adult area. 

Once in YA we all sat and Bianca and Hannah were getting lots of words on the Ovilus.  As we asked questions it did seem to answer.  Words like country and award came up several times.  We wondered if we were talking to a veteran that might have lived in the old Veteran Housing that used to sit where the library does now.  The mobile that hangs in that area, has a couple dragonflies.  The middle one seemed to move a bit more than any other part.  We heard a noise towards the Front Desk and decided to move that way. 

We continued on to the Staff Lounge upstairs.  The KIIs seemed to go off a lot. Several people reported being cold, but there is an air vent in the room so I usually discount that.  We used the ghost box and did seem to get some answers. 

9pm Tour

Just as we started the second session in the Multi-Purpose Room Hannah reported that she had seen something “white” move down the back hallway.  She took a step into the hallway and saw a “white something” go through the back door.  She also said when we were finishing the last tour she heard a noise and went to investigate at the Front Desk.  She happened to notice the  Staff Coffee Cupboard door moved.  Kenedie went out front of the library in-between tours for a break.  She was facing the glass windows and saw a reflection in the glass of a woman in black.  She turned to say something to her and there was no one there.

We did the usual set-up with prayer of White Light and the equipment run-down.  We started in the Ladies Room.  Not long after we started most of the group said they heard a “little girls” voice.  I did not hear it, but I was suffering from a sinus infection and my hearing may be off.  At least 10 people heard it.  The KIIs went crazy.  A woman stated she felt touched on the hand.  We didn’t see anything and I am hoping someone will catch something in a photo.  It got a bit exciting. We invited the spirits to follow us on the rest of the tour.

Once things began slowing down we moved on to the Gallery.  The KIIs continued to go off.  As I told a few stories we heard a noise or two that we could not explain.  A man took photos of the stairs and said he heard a noise. We could find nothing. We continued on to the Youth Services area where I sat at the desk and tried the trick with the ball again.  I thought I saw it move and one of the women also said she saw it move.  If it did it was very slightly.  KIIs continued to go off.  Shalise Lamb and Vicky Walters were in the group and each time Shalise attends a Ghost Walk she seems to get a spirit that likes her.  They seem to follow her around the library.  Both ladies have high energy and they seem to attract the same.  Shalise and Vicky felt something was following them again.  Two other women, who’s names I do not know, said they felt touched on the hands.

We continued to the back of the library and several patrons said they felt a cold spot.  Not everyone did so we moved to where they felt it and it was there.  We used the digital thermometer and the temp continued to go down to 69*.  KIIs went off and then nothing.  The cold spot was gone.  We then moved to the Young Adult area and we all sat down.  We used the Ghost Box and Ovilus at different times.  The Ovilus seemed to work best and we were able to get some answers to questions.  Favorite color-green, name-Jim.  Three people said they heard running in the stacks.  We found no one. 

The tour moved on to the Staff Lounge.  There many felt cold spots, but because of the vent I have to dismiss it.  The KII’s kept going off.  It seemed that something was trying to talk to us for sure.  There was no rhyme or reason to it.  At first I thought it might be someone’s cell phone causing interruption, but it was not.  A woman said she felt like someone was standing next to her.  A younger male said he felt his left arm had gone cold.  At first I wasn’t sure, but after checking his right then left arm he was right.  There was definitely a difference.  He seemed very excited.  The EMF went off and it seemed there was something standing by him.  Very interesting.  KII’s kept going off.  We used the Ovilus and we got the name Jim again and country and award.  Country and award had come up all night and several times each tour.  We wondered if it was one of the veterans that used to live in this location.  We asked the attendees to thank the spirits for coming through and the KIIs went nuts.  It was amazing.  We didn’t want to leave.

Thank you to everyone that attended.  It was a huge success.

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