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The fall has been busy with the usual Ghost Walks and Halloween activates.  Part of our job has become to be a “listener” for those that have unexplained happenings in their lives.  During one event a lady stopped by asking for assistance with “a spirit in the house”.  The lady brought one of her daughters to talk to me.  Apparently there are several other children in the home and all of them have seen a young girl.  The spirit seems to try to communicate with only the younger people in the house.  We are always willing to hear anyone’s stories and give what advice we can, but we do have our limits of expertise.

The lady was told a story by her neighbor where a three or four year old child was hit by a car and killed. It is believed that this child haunts the area and the apartment in which the woman and her family now live.  Our discussion started with my asking several questions (i.e.)  What is the address? Do you know the names or at least the last names of the people that lived there before?  Do you know the date the child passed?  With this information we were able to minimize our search to certain areas.  

We started by researching the history of the house by looking up the address in the older Polk Directories.  A listing was found for a woman who lived in the same apartment during the time span the death occurred. It seemed that she moved one year after the approximate time of the accident.  The library houses reels of microfilm for the local newspaper and this allows us to begin searching the films during the dates we believed the accident to happen. Unfortunately we were unable to locate an obituary or mention of a child’s death in an accident during that time.  The woman is still in contact with the neighbors and is planning on asking them more questions.  With the new information we hope to continue the search. 

Although we do our best to pass on information and helpful hints we are not actual “ghost hunters”.  Ellie, Bianca, Hannah and I do our best to keep informed and educate ourselves so we might answer your questions.  We are in contact with several groups that are true ghost hunters and we would be happy to put you in touch with them.  Please understand, we are interested in your stories and plight and we are here to help you with what we can. Thank you for understanding.

The following are ghost hunters that have investigated the SWCL.  Each group seemed professional and knowledgeable.

Professional Ghost Hunters:

P. I. Team of Utah (TAPS Affiliate)——-Attention Jenny Wright—801-309-1666 (Utah)

UROPA——————————————Attention—John York— 435-225-5912 (Northern Utah)

RIP/Reliance Independent Paranormal—Attention–Tony Hills—307-371-3482 (Reliance, Wyoming)

(photo is not of the ghost girl in article)

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