I have always wanted to tell my story…

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Ms. Gilmore,

The following is a detailed account of a visit I had to the Sweet Water County Library in September 2001. I have always wanted to tell my story, but until now, I didn’t know the proper outlet. For most, my experieces will seem trivial, but I am left eight years later still wondering what (if anything) I saw.

In the days just previous to September 11th, 2001, my brother, Scott, and I were traveling from our homes in Minnesota to visit family in Seattle, WA.  Being extremely interested in the paranormal, Scott did some digging on the internet to find a “haunted” side trip for us, ultimately ending up with the Sweet Water County Library.

Scott sent an email to the library in general and much to our surprise, got a response about some of the activity that goes on in the library. As I’m sure you understand, most places don’t wish to discuss any possiblities of paranormal activity.

On our long drive home from Seattle we took a small detour to Green River and stopped by the library. At first we just walked in unannouced and looked around on our own. After a few hours in the car, naturally my first stop was to the men’s room. That’s where my experience began.

Without giving too many gruesome details about my visit to the men’s room, I will sate that while standing at the urinal I had a overwhelming sense of someone standing behind me. As though an invisible bathroom attendand was waiting for me to ask for a towel. Very uncomfortable to say the least.

As I left the men’s room, looking over my shoulder every step or two, I walked past the open door to, what I believe you call the “Mulitpurpose” room. Without paying much attention to it, I walked past. Upon doing so, I saw something else walk past the door, but from the other side. Like I was walking past a large mirror. I was so certain that I saw someone there that I stepped into the room and looked around. As you can imagine, I found nobody there.

I shook off both “events” and chalked them up to an overactive imagination with the apparent history of the property being on my mind. It would make sense to a logical thinker and skeptic/believer as myself. I also made no mention of these events to Scott.

After leaving to have lunch, Scott and I returned and spoke to a librarian working at the front desk. Upon asking her if she’s had any experiences she smiled and said that she doesn’t like to talk about the ghosts since she had to work by herself on may occassions. Very understood, in my eyes. She did, however, point us in the direction of a former employee who happened to be sitting at a table reading a paper at the time. (I’m sorry, the names were not at my disposal when writing this story.) The former employee told us the basic history of the library and gave us directions to the cemetary on the hill. And one other thign she told us was most of the experieces seemed to be occuring in the “Mulitpurpose” room.

Naturally, this left me scratching my head in wonder of what I did see. After taking a bunch of pictures, some video and writing our notes, Scott and I left the library and returned on our lengthy rive back to Minnesota. (No other evidence was recorded.)

I only wish that I had an explanation of what, if anything, I did see that day. Someday, I’d love to return to the library and do a full scale investigation. But until money is no object, I’ll have to just plan how to do a better investigation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my longwinded email. I just can’t stop talking when it comes to the Sweet Water County Library.

Sean S.

Special thanks to Sean S. for sending in this information.  We always welcome comments and creditable reports from patrons.


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  1. I love the idea of a Ghost Log blog. I wonder if there are any other libraries or institutions blogging about their local ghosts?

    Comment by laura — February 20, 2009 #

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think the Ghost Log is a great way for staff and patrons alike to know what reports are coming in. There are other libraries out there that keep records, but I do not know exactly what. There are a few that use webcams and post on Youtube.com. We have toyed with the idea of using webcams for after-hours, but we haven’t the money at this time.

    Comment by mgilmore — February 23, 2009 #

  3. I love the idea of a GhostCam, but yeah, it could well be rather expensive and is probably not the highest priority for the library budget.

    Comment by laura — February 25, 2009 #

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