Ghost Log 2004

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2/7/2004 Patrons

Me and Katie were sitting back in the Children’s corner and felt our coat being tugged the we heard music playing like the kind you play at a funeral, but when we went to check no music was playing.

2/10/2004 C.H. (Staff)

I went into the lady’s restroom and wrapped my hand around the edge of the door on the second stall. My sweater felt funny so I stopped to look at it in the mirror. As I turned to look, the door was yanked inward and I had to jump to keep from falling. There was no one there. I left!

9/11/2004 R.S. (Patron/Staff Members Husband)

Ray went into the Men’s room, first stall, The lock has to be set by hand to lock. He did so and stated to do his business. The door swung open to the stall. He re-hooked it and it did it again. He said he know he locked it. He said he does not like our bathrooms.

10/28/2004 E.E. (Staff)

Ellie reported she has been seeing a woman slouched down on the Young Adults couch fairly often, but she can see through her.

10/28/2004 Micki (Staff)

We held the “Haunted Library Night” program tonight. I was helping and was videoing the speakers. I had checked my batteries just before we started. When I turned on the camcorder it acted like the batteries were dead. I plugged it in the wall outlet and it worked. Later when Ellie spoke the camcorder started to re-focus itself. I had not touched it.

11/01/2004 C.H. (Staff)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put this in as a Ghost Log entry or not, but decided it couldn’t be anything else BUT a visit by our ghostly friends here at the library.

On October 29, around 4pm I had just finished typing a reply to an e-mail and had opened up my date book to check on one of the entries. All of a sudden my barcode scanner beeped. The beeping has happened before, but that is all it has ever been.

This occasion was different. I was getting ready to send my reply when I realized that a barcode number had been entered into the message. There were not library materials within four feet of the scanner so it could not have accidentally read any barcodes. I immediately dragged my Head of Reference librarian into my office to look at it. We wrote the number down and took it out to the Circ desk to enter it and see what title it is. The computer database had no record of it. Jo suggested counting the number of digits to see if all fourteen were there. There were only 13 digits. I went back to my computer to verify that I had copied it correctly and discovered that I had except that there was a colon at the end instead of a number. I tried entering the number with the colon and the computer brought up a list of some sort. The very first thing on the list was 3001: a Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke.

I printed the e-mail so I wouldn’t lose the barcode. On Monday morning I tried adding number 1-9 to see if anything would be pulled up. Nothing. I tried repeating my search with the colon at the end. Nothing. I pulled 3001: a Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke from the shelf. The barcode does not march. I have not been able to duplicate any of the computer responses that happened on Friday.

The barcode number is 3909205719805:

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