Why Do We Do What We Do at a Ghost Walk?

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Yesterday a very nice lady stopped by my desk and asked “Can you explain why you do what you do at the Ghost Walks?” This started a long conversation. First I asked what exactly she needed to know. Her answer was “all of it”. I told her this would take a little time and she said that would be fine. It made me think that there may be others of you that would like to why we do what we do.

Why do you limit the number of people at each Walk?

The reason is simply, if you have too many there seems to be too much conversation and recordings or evidence tends to be tainted. We want everyone to have the best experience possible.

Why do we charge for Ghost Walks now, when we did not before?

Currently the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation has an opportunity to receive matching funds for every dollar received. By charging a small fee of $5 each person, this money will become $10. Each library in the System may then make application to the SWC Library Foundation for funds to pay for item that the regular budget does not.

Why do we use the “Ghost Hunting Gadgets”?

The “gadgets” that we currently use are as follows: KII Meter, EMF Detector, Laser Grid Pen, Ghost Box, digital recorder, camera, digital thermometer and digital camcorder.

KII/EMF: The reason for using the KII and EMF meters are when they come in contact with anything paranormal they will either light up or show a reading.

Laser Grid Pen: By shining the pen in one area it places an array of green or blue light (depending on which pen it used). If a spirit should move between the light and the wall/ceiling etc. it is directed at, it will block out some of the dots in the grid and will show the user where they are.

Ghost Box: By using AM or FM radio settings, questions may be asked and the spirits may choose to use words within the radio stations broadcasts to answer.

Digital Recorder: By using a digital recorder a person may ask questions and receive possible answers. Many times when asking questions a person will not hear anything, but after reviewing evidence from this device, there may be voices, noises, etc. to coincide with the questions asked. These are known as an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).

Cameras: By taking photos, one may be lucky enough to capture a fleeting image of a spirit. Because several people attending the Ghost Walks have done just that and shared we are able to present the photos to the public. (THANKS to those that share!)

Digital Thermometer: The digital thermometer works by pointing the laser at anything and it gives a reading of the current temperature. If a spirit comes into contact with the area you are pointing the thermometer the temperature should change either colder or at times warmer.

Digital Camcorder: Like the camera, a digital camcorder is useful in capturing images along with sounds of anything that might be happening. Personally I have also found a camcorder useful in demonstrating after an event what you do and the reactions to what we do have happen during the Walks.

New Items Added at the Ghost Walk:

Thermal Pad: The library purchased a new thermal pad. The idea behind it is if a spirit were to touch it the pad would show blue if cold or light to white if warm.

Baby Powder: As seen on Ghost Hunters, we tried to tape off an area in the library and sprinkle baby powder within that area. The idea is if a spirit were to move in the area the powder would show movement or footprints. (We took photos before and after)

A Childs Ball: By placing a child’s ball on the floor or on a table you can invite a child spirit to “come and play ball”. We did seem to have good luck attracting spirits to the ball and will use this tool again.

I hope that the information I have shared will help explain our procedures.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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