How do I learn to Ghost Hunt?

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After doing an actual “Ghost Hunt” for the first time with the members of AAPI and SPIS in October, I must say my curiosity is peeked. I do not think I will take-up Ghost Hunting, but I am still willing to learn about what they do.

Just a couple of tips I picked up while doing the investigation were:

  1. Say a protective prayer before you start. Envision yourself from you feet, up to your head bathed in a protective white light.
  2. Try no to go alone. This is not a good idea.
  3. Keep an open mind, but try to keep your mind from playing games on you. You will need your true senses to about you.
  4. Keep a log of your investigation as it progresses. Sometimes you will forget when and how events actually happened.
  5. Always take pictures and try to use digital records. Other equipment is useful too, but these are the best to start with.
  6. When you are done investigating, do a closing prayer, to protect you and your party from spirits attaching themselves to you.
  7. Write a report to compile the completed information from each “hunt”. Keep all team members information together so an overview of the “hunt” can be evaluated.

You may also contact any of the paranormal groups on-line and ask if they take new members or if they have advice.

After checking on-line, there are several books that you might look into for this subject.

How to Photograph the Paranormal by Leonore Sweet (2004)

Have inexplicable spheres and fogs ever ruined any of your photographs? If you discarded them, thinking dirt on the lens or camera glitches were to blame, you may want to retrieve them and reconsider. These spheres and fogs may be paranormal light forms.

Light forms are mentioned in literature on angels, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, crop circles, near-death experiences, inter-dimensional beings, magic, and thought forms. Hypnotized subjects describe the lights as the forms we become between lives on Earth.

This entertaining book examines the many theories about what these energies may be and presents evidence throughout history that confirms their existence.

Starting out as a novice photographer, the author captured the apparent spirit of her sister’s dog. That began her great adventure into researching orbs, vortexes, and ectoplasms that are appearing in pictures worldwide. In this book, you will learn as she did how, when, and where to photograph and interact with these intelligent life forms.

How to Photograph the Paranormal has something for everyone—from the simply curious to ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. The book features dozens of original paranormal photographs—many in full color.

Mysterious lights evidently have been with us all along but they are now making extra efforts to reveal themselves to humanity. This book is an eye-opening glimpse into their world.

Investigating the Paranormal by Tony Cornell (2002)

Tony Cornell has opened his case files and shared the fruits of his more than 50 years of labor and expertise in ghost, hauntings and mediumship research, in investigating the Paranormal. Cornell’s magnum opus not only provides a glimpse into a life’s work in psychical research and parapsychology but also serves as a guide to field methodology for today’s paranormal investigators. From reports of a ghost inhabiting a college dormitory, to a poltergeist with an affinity for fine antiques, the author shares detailed episodes of an extraordinary career.

PSIince: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena by Marie D. Jones (2006)

Are poltergeists energy fluctuations in the Zero Point Field? Could even the simple experience of déjà vu be explained by the quantum theory of parallel universes? Do thoughts have the energy to manifest and move physical objects?

PSIence introduces readers to the latest discoveries in quantum physics and New Science that may explain the existence of paranormal phenomena—UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists, mysterious apparitions, time anomalies, the Bermuda Triangle, energy vortices—and psychic abilities such as ESP, telekinesis, remote viewing, and recalling past lives.

You’ll explore the cutting-edge ideas that are fascinating both scientists and paranormal investigators, including:

• The latest theories of multiple universes and eleven dimensions. • The Zero Point Field—is it the potential source of all creative energy? • The potential of every human being to experience the paranormal.

Many of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, philosophers and spiritual leaders—from noted physicists like Michio Kaku to the revered Dalai Lama—are beginning to accept the possibility of alternate realities and dimensions that warp time and space. PSIence takes the reader on a journey to where the “normal” and the paranormal intersect, where the known and unknown converge, where science greets the supernatural.

Just remember, be careful. Try to use professional ghost hunters whenever possible.

We know not what we are “hunting”.

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