TAPS Seminar in Estes Park April 2012

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Nestled in the beautiful country of Colorado is Estes Park.  One of Estes Park’s most well-known establishments in the Stanley Hotel and is a paranormal hotspot connected author Stephen King. Story has it that while visiting the Stanley Hotel Stephen King was visited by spirits which gave him the idea for his acclaimed books “The Shining” and “Pet cemetery”.

TAPS or The Atlantic Paranormal Society is also known as Ghost Hunters of the SyFy Channel fame.  Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the founders of TAPS and they have branched out to now include a vast network of TAPS affiliates throughout the U.S. The original group resides in Rhode Island and travels to many destinations to preform paranormal investigations.  TAPS has visited the Stanley Hotel many times and used it as a base at times for many of their events.

It was our pleasure to be in attendance at the most recent event Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel, April 13th to 15th. Ellie Davis and I were among those that attended the weekend event.  Due to the fact Ellie and I host the Sweetwater County Library Ghost Walks and they are in fact a paranormal investigation, we felt it necessary to try to find professional tutoring in doing paranormal investigations.  This seminar was the perfect opportunity for us.

I have to say I was extremely excited to go.  I watch Ghost Hunters every week to watch and learn their techniques and strategies.  My oldest son Wilson and I have been watching for years now and I felt this team has helped me understand much about what I had previously knew very little of.  With my good friend Ellie on the trip as well, I knew this would be something special.

The paranormal experts in attendance where Jason Hawes, Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, Adam Berry, K. J. McCormick all of TAPS, and addition experts Adam Blai a demonologist , Anthony Guajardo of the Walking Dead, Rex Williams of Destination Truth, Mike Brody paranormal comedian, Ben Hansen of Fact or Faked and Chip Coffee a well known psychic from the shows Paranormal State and Psychic Kids.

During our time at the event we were able meet and mingle with the celebrities, which prefer to be known as the hosts.  We found them warm and friendly and easily approachable.  They were willing to answer most any question and were happy to stop for pictures. As each presentation was unfolding we found each and every one of the presenters had a very different take on the paranormal and how their team investigates.  The presentations that we attended were Ben Hansen Fact or Faked Ghosts, UFOs, and the Unexplained, Britt Griffith Tech Talk 101 & Ghost Hunting, Chip Coffee Psychic and Gallery Reading, Rex Williams Destination Truth on Cryptozoology, Amy Bruni of TAPS on the History of Ghost Hunting, Adam Blai Demonology from a Roman Catholic Perspective, and Q & A with TAPS.

For me personally the Tech Talk was my main objective. I have my own set of “ghost gabgets” which we use during the Ghost Walk at the Sweetwater County Library.  Currently I have a KII meter, EMF detector, laser grid, digital recorder, digital thermometer, and infrared flash lights.  Britt Griffiths was very detailed in showing what new technology is available and its uses and costs.  Very interesting stuff I must say.

We had tried a “ghost box” or Franks Box for the first time during last Octobers Ghost Walks with varying results.  The device scans through AM radio frequencies to allow the spirits to catch words in answer to our questions.  There are several types now available.  Also pods are now one of Britt’s new items.  A pod is a gadget that has what looks like an antenna in the center and four different lights surrounding it.  The idea is if someone/something walks past the static the movement causes will set it off and it will sound out and the lights will come on one up to all four depending on how strong the static charge is.  He was able to explain more about how it works, why it works, and other items out there that do the same basic thing.

All in all, we found the weekend to be very educational and eye opening.  We would like to thank the folks at the Stanley Hotel and all the presenters for their time and especially for the warm and welcoming visit.  Estes Park, Colorado is a beautiful friendly town for anyone that would like to visit.

Thanks to all of those that followed us on Facebook as the weekend progressed.


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  1. Hello,
    I purchased 3 tickets to the 2014 event at the Stanley Hotel. My computer crashed so I lost the conformation number . whet do I need to do to get that sent to me again? Or what documentation will I need at the event to redeem my 3 tickets?

    Comment by Jacqueline Walsh — August 30, 2013 #

  2. I am sorry but I do not take care of anything for that event. You will need to contact Beyond Reality Events. Good Luck.

    Comment by mgilmore — August 30, 2013 #

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