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The Sweetwater County Library has been hosting a Ghost Walk for several years now.  What started out as a Young Adult program has grown to include Young Adults and Adults alike.   One question we are asked more than we like is “Is the Ghost Walk a Spook Alley?”  The answer is no.

It seems that because the SWCL Ghost Walk has traditionally been in October some people assume that anything to do with the paranormal is also some type of Spook Alley.  This may be the case for some locations but as for the Sweetwater County Library it is not.  We pride ourselves on keeping our Ghost Walks a paranormal investigation.  If you are attending with a spook alley theme in mind, you will be in for a surprise.

During a Ghost Walk you will be guided through the library with a group by either Ellie Davis or myself.  The group will stop by several of the so called “hotspots” in the library that have reported paranormal activity.   These spots include the Ladies Room, the Gallery, the Multi-purpose Room, Youth Services, Young Adult Section, the Workroom, back hallway, and the Staff Lounge.  As you are guided on your tour the guide will tell stories reported in the SWCL Ghost Log by staff and patrons.

I have several ghost hunting gadgets that we allow a few chosen tour participants to use.  They gadgets are a KII meter, EMF detector, laser grid light, digital thermometer, and digital recorder.  Cameras, video recorders and cell phones are used to record evidence as well.  Anyone attending may also bring ghost hunting gadgets if they wish.  Our one requirement is that if you do catch evidence you share with us to be recorded in the Ghost Log and High Spirits: The Ghost Log Blog.

As the tour moves through the library we will stop to do several EVP sessions.  An EVP is an electronic voice phenomenon or basically a voice or noise recorded that would not normally be heard at the time.  During the history of the Ghost Walks these are some of the best evidence gathered.  Recordings have been captured of everything from a little girl telling us her age to a man’s voice saying “Just keep walking”.

In the last two years attendees have been lucky enough to catch a few photos of the ghosts that have joined us on our tours.  Paula Birell captured the photo of the gentleman with a top hat walking along the back of the book stacks, Kyle and Shalise Lamb caught a photo of a little girl peeking out from behind the new book display.  And Hannah Redden caught a ghost with long dark hair at the bottom of the stairs looking down from the upper hallway.   We always appreciate those that share with us.  A big thank you to all of you that do.

When asking questions we use the KII, EMF and digital recorders of various types.  From personal experience it was a moment of shock the first time I used my new KII (that my son Wilson bought me for Mother’s Day.  Yes this is true.)  The first time you see the lights on the KII light as you ask a question, then it stops until another question is asked, will certainly make you think. We have seen total non-believers suddenly ask to use the device to check for tampering.  When they realize we do not tramper with the devices or add props or any such things to our Ghost Walks, their whole demeanor changes.

Just recently I was asked if we use props or stage the paranormal events in any way.  The answer is always no we do not. The SWCL strongly believes in the truth, whatever that is.  As we tell anyone that asks “It is what it is.”  If you attend a Ghost Walk you are not promised you will see, hear, or feel anything.  Rather our hope is that the spirits/ghosts will choose to interact with us on the particular night.   We assume they would like to be treated with respect and we try our best to respect them as well.

New this year we are providing more Ghost Walks due to popular demand.  The first will be May 5th and tickets go on sale April 2nd at the Sweetwater County Library only.  We are charging a $5 fee per ticket to help raise money for the SWCLS Foundation.

Also coming up is:

July 28th for a Dinner/Ghost Walk Fund Raiser ($100 per plate) A Very special event for a limited ticket sales of 20.

September 16th Ghost Walk

October 27th Ghost Walk

Please come join us for a real paranormal investigation.

For more information please stop by the Sweetwater County Library or visit the website or blog.

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