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Paranormal Encounters

As I look at the new books listed on the SWCLS Card Catalog, I noticed a new author in our collection.  Jeff Belanger has a new title available “Paranormal Encounters: A Look at the Evidence”. Jeff Belanger, author and website host has put together another book on the paranormal.  This is one more to add to his growing list of books.

About the Author (from the book)

History, ghosts, folklore, and magic—the concepts are a part of our collective consciousness, and though no one can explain exactly how it all works, few can match Jeff Belanger’s ability to bring the unexplained out of the fringe and into living rooms and near our office watercoolers.

Jeff Belanger leads a very haunted life.  He’s been fascinated with the supernatural since age 10, when he investigated his first haunted house during a sleepover.  Through the years, Jeff has interviewed hundreds of people about their experiences with the profound.  His objective approach to the subject makes the supernatural accessible to a wide audience.  He brings personality and humor to this subject, which makes him one of the most sought-after experts in the field.

Jeff has been writing for publication since 1992.  He’s worked as a magazine editor, journalist, and freelance writer, and has authored numerous books on the paranormal—his books have been published in five different languages.  He’s also the founder of—the Web’s largest and most popular supernatural community, according to and  He lectures around the United States to audiences big and small, and he’s become a recognized media personality, appearing on more than 100 radio and television programs worldwide.

Other titles available by the author:

The World’s Most Haunted Places

What it’s Like

Picture Yourself Legend Tripping

The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Encyclopedia of Haunted Places

Who’s Haunting the White House? The President’s Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There

Weird Massachusetts

The Ghost Files: Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research from the Vaults of

Ghosts of War: Restless Spirits of Soldiers, Spies, and Saboteurs

Our Haunted Lives: True Life Ghost Encounters

The Nightmare Encyclopedia: Your Darkest Dreams Interpreted

Communicating with the Dead: Reach Beyond the Grave

About (from the website) is dedicated to providing ghost research, evidence, and discussion from around the world. We welcome and explore all viewpoints, from the skeptical to the religious, and from the scientific to the metaphysical.

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