Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases of the Atlantic Paranormal Society

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New on the book shelves is “Seeking Spirits: the Lost Cases of the Atlantic paranormal Society”, another interesting works by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of the SyFy Channels “Ghost Hunters” fame.  These two gentlemen have previously penned the book Ghost Hunting.  In the new publication they have teamed up with Michael Jan Friedman to put together stories from the early days of investigating.

TV’s popular Ghost Hunters reveal all-new never before-told stories from their spooky early investigations!

For the first time ever, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of the Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A. P. S.), share their most memorable and spine-tingling early cases-none of which has ever appeared on television.  Beginning with the previously untold experiences that sparked their passion for ghost hunting, Jason and Grant’s bone-chilling investigations uncover.

A Connecticut woman who seems to exist in two places at once

A little girl whose invisible playmate retaliates against her father’s punishments

A man overcome by an evil entity as Jason and Grant survey his home

A distraught woman who dreams of paranormal events before she experiences them….and much more!

Jason and Grant didn’t always have the fancy scientific equipment and experienced team that fans now watch on their smash-hit television show.  As they share their hair-raising first experiences, they offer essential tips for budding paranormal investigators-including how to use an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter and an infrared camera, determine if a supernatural phenomenon is good or evil, and deal with spirits.  Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, these fascinating and frightening true stories will keep you up at night!

Features eerie full-color photos from their investigations!

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the New York Times bestselling coauthors of Ghost Hunting and cofounders of the Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.), featured on the #1 SyFy television show, Ghost Hunters. Both plumbers, they live in Rhode Island with their families.

Michael Jan Friedman is the author of more than sixty science fiction and fantasy novels.  Ten of his books have hit the New York Times bestsellers lists.  His latest works are the Ultimates:Tomorrow Men for Pocket Books and Wolf Man: Hunter’s Moon for Dark Horse Press.  Friedman lives with his wife and two sons on Long Island, where he spends his free time kayaking, playing handball, and rooting for the New York Yankees.

For more on Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson and the T.A.P.S. team, visit their official website at

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