2011 The Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah Final Report / Part I

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I have just received the final written report from the PI Team of Utah.  Here is the report as I received it.

Any EVPs or other audio or digital evidence will be included later.

2011   The Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah

Sweetwater County Library

Date of Investigation: July 27th, 2011

Case Number: 07272011

Location: Sweetwater County Library, Green River, Wyoming

PI Team Members Present: Jennifer, Robert, Jenny, Josh, Nate, Joel


History of Location:

The library was constructed on land that was once the first city cemetery.  The cemetery was active on this site from 1892-1926.  In 1926 the city decided to move the bodies to the current Riverview Cemetery.

For approximately 14 years the city used site of the prior cemetery as a park, and then in 1944 they turned the park into houses for Veterans returning from the war.  During construction of the housing, a few bodies were found and reinterred in the Riverview Cemetery up the street.  The construction of these houses would start the trend of bodies being dug up over the next 39 years.

Construction on the Sweetwater County Library began in 1978.  At that time 12 bodies were found and relocated to the Riverview Cemetery.  The library officially opened in 1980.  A few years later in 1983 as the landscaping was being updated, more graves were found and like before moved up the street.  All of the bodies that have been found since the original relocation of the cemetery have been put into mass graves of 12-14 bodies each.

It wasn’t until 1985 that paranormal activity was reported.  It is unknown whether the activity didn’t start until sometime in 1985 or if it was always present but not reported or tracked.

Reported Activity:

The staff of this library has kept an activity log of the paranormal activity since approximately 1993.  The activity reported here ranges from odd noises and voices to full bodied apparitions.


The PI Team arrived at approximately 5 pm and after a quick update from Micki Gilmore, we were left in the building alone and began to set up our equipment.  We had 4 IR cameras, two handheld video recorders, and a “ghost box”.

Because we had previously investigated the library and Micki had informed us of the most recent activity we focused on the following areas of activity:

Head Librarian’s Office, Upstairs Hallway, Upstairs Break Room, Women’s Restroom, Multi-Purpose Room, and Young Adult Section.

Personal Experiences

A few of our investigators reported at least one personal experience during this investigation.  Here is a breakdown of personal experiences by investigator:

Jennifer: Saw what appeared to be legs in formal black pants walking through the stacks near the Young Adult area.  There was nothing from the knees up and it lasted only a second or two.

Robert & Nate: Felling of being touched and cold spots in upstairs break room.  (This occurred in conjunction to unusual EMF activity)

JoshLIn his own words) One of my teammates, Joel and I were in the Multi-Purpose Room where the PI Team had set up the command center.  At the time we were regrouping and gearing up for the next part of our investigation.  He mentioned that we didn’t have any coverage in that room and it would be a shame if something went down in there that went unnoticed.  At that very moment a K2 meter sitting on the table next to us lit up like a Christmas tree and began pulsing rapidly.  We proceeded to have an “intelligent” conversation via the K2.  We asked baseline questions and then contradicting questions to make sure we were dealing with something other than bad wiring or a faulty meter.  “Are you a male?” it goes dark, with “Are you a female?” it lights up.  This went on for about 5 minutes before Joel asked if they “would like Josh to get closer”.  As soon as he asked the question it went dark.  He then asked if it would like for me to back up and the K2 lit up again.

I took a step back and it felt like I had backed into a meat locker.  I chilled up from head to toe and every hair on my body stood on end.  The interesting part is the feeling intensified into an almost electric feeling.  It somewhat reminded me of rubbing a balloon on my arms as a kid having fun with static electricity, except the feeling enveloped me entirely.  This continued for about 2 minutes until I took a couple steps in the direction of the meter and the feeling went away as quickly as it came on.  I have never felt anything like that before and to be honest it changed the way I feel about personal experiences.

(end of Part I)

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