Getting Started by guest writer Lisa Lauderdale Part I

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Lisa Lauderdale is the founder of the Casper, Wyoming based paranormal team Paranormal Research Society of Casper.   She has graciously offered to write an article explaining how and why she started ghost hunting.


Lisa Lauderdale – Founder
Paranormal Research Society of Casper
Official Member of the TAPS Family
(307) 251-4948

Part I

Our tree was a Weeping Willow.  Our song was “Midnight in Montgomery” by Alan Jackson.  We even had secret names.  This was the club I formed when I was eleven.  We were all about ghosts.  Scaring each other with stories; daring each other to go into the basement alone; even using the Ouija board in hopes of contacting a spirit. 

When I try to pinpoint the exact moment I became interested in the paranormal I have some difficulty.  I remember as a child borrowing every book I could get my hands on from the school and public libraries.  I’m sure the librarians and my teachers had an idea about what I might do as a hobby in the years to come but at the time, I just wanted to read anything I could find on the subject.  I loved anything about ghosts, fairies and aliens.  Some of my favorite stories included that of the Bell Witch and another called Angie. 

My grandmother was a huge influence on my paranormal obsession.  She was an avid reader who would buy or recommend books that I might like.  I still have her copy of Time Life’s “Mysteries of the Unexplained.”  Photos and articles of UFOs, aliens, exorcisms and ectoplasm filled my head when I stayed the night at her apartment.  She would tell me stories about being visited by my deceased grandpa at night.  I would stay up in the bedroom just across the hall from hers and listen as hard as I could to see if I could hear him talking to her.  I had a hard time opening my eyes though!  And I will always love her gift of my first Ouija board. 

And I cannot mention my ghost hunting passion without mentioning my older sister, Dana.  Because her mother lived in Douglas, she only stayed with us for short amounts of time.  When I was twelve years old, she came to live with us for a year.  She came from a ranch that had a permanent, spiritual resident named “Barney.”  But Barney apparently followed her to our house.  We were also told that he liked Reba McEntire and hated George Strait.  Whenever either of the musical artists would be playing on the stereo, the volume knob would turn up or down accordingly.  Little did I know that Dana had a remote that controlled the stereo system; she would use to scare my younger sisters and me.  The funny thing about knowing this now is that my parents had paranormal experiences while Dana was living with us.  My mother would hear footsteps upstairs on the wooden flooring; they would continue into the kitchen, down the stairs and come back up.  And this would continue for almost an hour.  She also felt someone watching her while she was in the bathroom.

As I became older, I remember spending the night at friends’ houses or friends staying the night at mine and impatiently waiting until it was dark where we could tell scary stories, play “light as a feather, stiff as a board” and “Bloody Mary.”  The latter of which got me kicked out of a bathroom in 4th grade because I convinced a bunch of kids to try it with me.  Suffice it to say that my ghost hunting hobby has been a long time in the making.

Then throughout junior high, high school and college, my fascination was set on the backburner because homework and work took precedence.  However everyone knew that if they had a “weird” experience they could talk to me and find an engaged listener.  After graduating college, I moved to Vancouver, Washington for a year.  While I was there, I found a paranormal group online that was willing to let me tag along on one of their investigations.  I could not have been more excited!  I got off work at 9:15 PM and met them at an old hotel outside Vancouver.  There must have been around ten members.  We roamed the hallways, took a tour of the grounds and eventually wound up in a board room where they proceeded to grill me with questions.  By this point I was already disappointed.  Everyone had a camera and everyone was exclaiming about all the orbs they were getting in their photos.  Even ten years ago I was not impressed by orbs.  I don’t think the group was very impressed with me.  They didn’t like my answers to their questions and I didn’t like that their “proof” of ghosts were the orbs they found in their pictures.  We were not a good match.  I left that night disappointed to say the least.  I had found people that were excited about the same thing I was but I did not agree with their (and I’m using this term loosely) “investigative” method.  I surprised myself however.  I still called the group afterwards and wanted to be a member.  They would not return my calls (which I can laugh about now but at the time my feelings were hurt!). 

I moved back home in May of 2003 through a transfer in my company.  I was excited to be back.  I still spoke about ghosts and hauntings but I was never active about investigating them.  Finally in December of 2007 I became tired of waiting for someone else to start a group and started my own. 

Part II to follow.

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